Grant County Elections

EPHRATA - Ballot returns in Washington continue to far outpace returns in the 2016 election as its less than two weeks until the Nov. 3 general election.

The secretary of state’s office reported that as of Wednesday, 1,208,238 ballots — about 25 percent — have been returned statewide. In 2016, just 9.9 percent of ballots had been returned in the same timeframe.

In north central Washington, 31.4 percent of registered voters in Adams County have already returned their ballot. In Grant County, 12.4 percent of the ballots have been returned. Chelan and Douglas counties are on par with the statewide return rate as 26.2 percent of ballots have been returned in Chelan County and 24.8 percent in Douglas County.

Election officials are preparing for record turnout in the November election that could surpass the previous record of 84.6 percent in 2008. Secretary of State Kim Wyman has said counties should be prepared for a potential turnout of up to 90 percent.

Voters have until 8 p.m. Nov. 3 to drop their ballot at a dropbox or, if they mail it, it must be postmarked by Election Day. People not yet registered to vote can do so online at through Oct. 26 or in person up until 8 p.m. on Election Day.

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Desert Dweller

Just kinda wondering if anyone on here remembers the Obama/Biden administration?

If you lived through that do you really want to go back?

If you do I guess you do.


Yes, they did terrible things like starting the economic recovery wave that Trump surfed for three years, and not behaving like douches. Terrible. Do you remember Trump/ Pence's administration? Huge numbers box corruption convictions, nepotism, and covfefe.

Moses Holian

Stfu deplorables is the only person on here that's educated and steps back to look at the big picture. The the rest I can only guess get their news from fox, brietbart or some other whacko underground website like qanon. Hey eastern Washington even if guns were outlawed tomorrow it would be impossible to collect them all, ever.

Leftist Simps

Your brain has obviously been soaking in a bucket of stupid to long if you think STFU is educated. People with different opinions when it comes to the lefts blind ignorance are usually correct. You wanna hand over your freedoms by all means MOVE AWAY.

You dont have to go far, try Canada. They are moving in a more agreeable point of view for you.

Check it out, see if you like not having a constitution or freedom of speech.

Stfu deplorables

Well the Traitor in Chief just embarrassed himself on the debate stage for the final time. Soon he will be behind bars. The election will not be close and the Democrats control the Senate. Time to get the virus under control for keeps and to heal the economy and the nations soul.

Sorry not sorry Deplorables. Its over.

Leftist Simps

Poor blind lemming. You must be looking through those "Hillary rose colored" glasses again. Well there is always hope for you, up until the results are in.....then it's off to the pharmacy for some Prozac for your affliction.


Laudable goals.. How? Details please. Note this comment came without personal insult, or belittling comments about those who hold opposing views.


Controlling the virus is possible. Look at Australia. Other countries that have a population that actually uses masks and socially distances have a lower rate of infection than we do. Trump's refusal to encourage mask use has led to an alarming rate of infection among higher-ups in the GOP. If they had been using masks, that would most likely not have happened. Healing the economy? That's about confidence. Trump's constant waffling on issues has sent the stock market up and down, and that hurts the economy. People behaving honestly (like not presenting a journalist with a random scrapbook on-camera, claiming that it's the new comprehensive health plan) would also help people to feel more confident, and bring back the economy.

Angry old man

just Vote! as a honor those that died in foreign wars


It’s great that so many people are voting early, making sure their voices are heard. It’s an important election. Already made sure my ballot was received and accounted for. Anyone can check online at 👍

Leftist Simps

Joe Bidens gun control legislation is enough to turn most if not all Americans to Trump. Thank God!


Also no more high cap magazines. Also said he would put Beto in place to help with gun violence Also said hell yes we are gonna take your guns if its an assault weapon. Also said you dumb bastards. also kisses his niece on the lips, Also said he never had a conversation with his son about overseas dealings. Also has been caught time and time again plagiarising, But hey ..... the Rock likes him so yea I guess he's a great guy....

Leftist Simps

Biden supports legislation holding adults criminally and civilly liable for directly or negligently giving a minor access to a firearm, regardless of whether the minor actually gains possession of the firearm.

Leftist Simps

Biden will enact legislation prohibiting an individual “who has been convicted of a misdemeanor hate crime, or received an enhanced sentence for a misdemeanor because of hate or bias in its commission” from purchasing or possessing a firearm. Hate crime is driving off with ANTIFA on your hood.

Leftist Simps

Joe Biden will: End the online sale of firearms and ammunitions. Biden will enact legislation to prohibit all online sales of firearms, ammunition, kits, and gun parts.

It's on his website:


Already describing what he "will" do when he wins, and the election's not even over yet? I wish I had your level of confidence that Lord Cheeto will be evicted!!

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