MOSES LAKE - Four juveniles allegedly broke into at least seven vehicles over several days in Moses Lake, and two of the juveniles were also connected to an armed robbery on May 12.

The car prowls occurred Sunday night and into Monday morning in the Knolls Vista and Paxson Road areas, according to Moses Lake police.

The four suspects, ages 12, 15 and two 13-year-olds reportedly stole cash, credit cards, purses and electronic devices from the vehicles. All the stolen items, including a wedding ring, were recovered, excluding the cash.

“These arrests were the result of good old-fashioned police work, as well as good video from several home surveillance systems,” Capt. Mike Williams stated.

During the investigation, police also identified the 15-year-old and one of the 13-year-olds as suspects in a May 12 armed robbery where the suspects reportedly agreed to sell $100 worth of marijuana to the 20-year-old victim but then robbed the man at gunpoint.

Two of the teenagers were booked into juvenile detention while two were released due to their age.

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The parents could be encouraging this. Probably helping with the bills. Cruise the streets after 10:30pm, these kids are trolling the streets all over the city.


Or the kids could be possessed by demons. Or they could be leprechauns who are dressed up as children. Or they could be aliens from the planet Trablifador in the Crembule Nebula who are shapeshifters and who are testing our ability to fight crime in advance of their attack on Earth.

The Rural Realist

Vehicle Prowels, youth crime, lack of parenting. Several more reasons for Immigration reform. #TRUMP2020


Wow. That Ouija board must really be working for you. How else could you have figured out what their immigration status is?

The Rural Realist

Are you suggesting that they are not anchor babies? Come back to reality dude. Look at our crime statistics. Read the paper. Go into any school. It obvious thereasons is a disconnect that is impairing new Americans from obeying the law.


So you're guessing, right? Way to go.


You must be a real bright one? immigration really send you on a boat back to England

Seriously, Bob?

Nice try...Trumpette.

Seriously, Bob?

Trump is the reason for all of this...think about it...


I am sure that their parents are very proud of the fine and outstanding young men their children are growing up to be. These boys have a very bright future ahead of them - for being Big Bubba's b***h in "C-block". They have earned every bit of it.

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