Photo: Dusty Broderson

WENATCHEE - No stranger to wolves, Dusty Broderson, a longtime hunter who hails from Wenatchee, says he’s 100% positive that the animal he was tracking with his long lens scope in Malaga recently was a wolf.

“It was absolutely a wolf, no doubt about it,” Broderson told iFIBER ONE News via telephone on Monday.

An employee of Alcoa Wenatchee Works, Broderson says cameras at the plant have been capturing what colleagues suspect is a wolf. But last Tuesday, Broderson says he tracked the lupine for about 20 minutes from 2,000 yards away. Broderson says the animal had settled down on the ridge in Malaga above the Alcoa plant. At one point, Broderson said the animal lifted its head and howled.


Photo: Dusty Broderson


Photo: Dusty Broderson

“I’ve hunted my whole life, I’ve seen wolves while hunting in the Colville area,” said Broderson. “This was definitely a wolf.”

Broderson says he aligned his phone camera lens with his tracking scope to get a viewable snapshot of the wolf.


WDFW wolf pack map

iFIBER ONE News submitted Broderson's photo to the Department of Fish and Wildlife in Wenatchee where it was reviewed by WDFW Biologist Gregg Kurz. 


WDFW wolf packs in Washington state 

Kurz says the photo is too grainy to confirm if the animal is indeed a wolf, but he says the critter has all the characteristics of a wolf. Kurz says if it is a wolf, it’s likely part of the Naneum pack was confirmed to be present in the Clockum area above Wenatchee in 2018. WDFW says the Naneum pack likely consists of only two wolves, one male and one female. Kurz says it’s possible that the Naneum pack has traversed further east since initial sightings last year. If it’s a wolf, Kurz says he’s concerned about the wolves traveling into more populous areas, but the likelihood of an attack is nominal.

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I'm just looking forward to the day when WA goes down the path ID already has.


Lying Democrat ran Fish and Wildlife. I made a video of them howling around me last year above Liberty on bluest pass. There was at least 4 of them. And you can tell easily that is a wolf. What a bunch of cover up lying garbage.


Fact is the wolves have a right to exist alongside every other species and serve a crucial purpose as an apex species.Hating only eats you up alive inside.Please rethink your position.

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