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WENATCHEE - Wenatchee Valley College’s Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is on notice after about a dozen flyers were found along the edge of campus reading “No White Guilt.”

Wenatchee Valley Campus Security Manager Maria Agnew says the flyers were found along the sidewalk on 9th Street near College Street Tuesday morning. Agnew says the propaganda is believed to be an act of white supremacy. The flyers also contained links to websites that the Wenatchee Police Department described as likely being “offensive” to some. Erin Tofte-Nordvik, Director of WVC’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion says her department’s bias incident response team had a meeting about the incident.

“This piques our interest, we take this very seriously,” said Tofte-Nordvik. “We’re keeping an eye on this and making sure our students, staff and faculty are safe.”

Agnew says the culprit is still at-large and they don’t know who did it, nor were they captured on security cameras. 

The Wenatchee Police Department has been notified about the flyer.

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"No White Guilt"

See? Nobody cares!


I agree, I'm getting tired of hearing about how all whites are racist or have white privilege. At some point we have to just stop and see that this is becoming just race bating childish behavior. Who cares if that sign was posted. It didn't mention anything close to a threat. Do you realize how backwards we are getting? We see people with black and Mexican pride tattoos and think nothing of it. Imagine if it said white pride. We need to start exposing the hippocracy. If its racist for one race its racist for the other as well. In fact if you treat anyone differently based on their race, guess what, YOU are the racist, no matter what your skin color is.


Why in the Actual Hell is a phrase saying "No White Guilt" an act of white supremacy? It's literally a statement saying what all white people feel: stop perpetuating white guilt. None of us have kept slaves in our entire lives. None of us in my generation have treated a person of color any differently than any white person. We treat people of color exceptionally better than White people, and we don't even make it about race.

This article is just perpetuating an idea that white people still need to be punished for something that we ourselves have never done. I couldn't possibly imagine treating anyone, regardless of color, with any less cordiality and kindness than they deserve as a human being, so stop punishing me for something myself or my family was never involved in.

Keep the signs up, Id love if we could use this to truly make everyone equal, instead of favoring a few whiny snowflakes for their misinterpretation of a perfectly valid statement.


Damn straight! It seems that the racists are the very people talking down to Caucasians about white "privilege". It needs to stop, people of every color have privileges and hardships throughout their lives.


Piques... “This piques our interest...”

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