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MOSES LAKE - Big Bend Community College is moving forward with developing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Management, the first bachelor’s degree to be offered by the college.

The state Board of Community and Technical Colleges gave Big Bend approval to continue the development of the degree. The process began in 2018 when the college sent out an initial survey to local employers seeking input and gaging interest in a variety of bachelor’s degrees. 

Big Bend received approval from its Board of Trustees this summer and submitted a Statement of Need to the state board, which gave approval last week.

“I am very pleased that the State Board is supportive of Big Bend’s proposal to offer a Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Management,” stated Big Bend Vice President of Learning and Student Success Bryce Humpherys. “The new bachelor’s degree will meet the needs of local employers for educated job applicants and the needs of our students for a local bachelor’s degree option.”

Humpherys added that many people in Big Bend’s about 4,600-mile rural service district do not have the resources to travel out of area to continue their education and the new bachelor’s degree will help remove that barrier.

“Employers have expressed concerns about their ability to locally recruit and retain qualified supervisors and managers,” Humpherys stated. “Many of our students have limited opportunities to travel to other locations to earn a bachelor’s degree due to family and work commitments. Both current and former students showed an interest in pursuing the new degree. This new degree will expand the ability of Big Bend Community College to serve the communities in its service district and better meet the needs of both students and employers.”

A complete program proposal will be submitted to the state board in 2020. If approved, the new bachelor’s degree would launch in the fall of 2021.

“BBCC strives to make lifelong learning possible for everyone who lives within its service district,” stated Board of Trustees Chair Stephen McFadden. “The Board of Trustees is motivated to see educational opportunities expanded on our campus. Establishing this Bachelor of Applied Science is an incredible step forward, opening new doors to those who look to BBCC for opportunities to expand their lives.”

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