MOSES LAKE - On Sept. 15 at about 11 a.m., a body was found in a Big Bend Community College dorm room.

Authorities say the body belonged to a 20-year-old male student who was believed to have taken his own life.

The student, a resident advisor, was last seen alive around 10 p.m., on Monday after completing a shift in the Phillips Residence Hall. College staff went to check on the student when he missed his scheduled training session at 9 a.m. on Tuesday.

“Our hearts go out to the family of this student as they deal with this tragic event,” said BBCC President Sara Thompson Tweedy. “We want our students, faculty, and staff to know that we have resources available to help them during this time of grieving and that we are here to support them in any way that we can.”

An autopsy to confirm the exact cause of death is scheduled for Wednesday. The student's identity is being withheld out of respect for his family. 

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I can't fathom how people are puzzled about the upswing in suicide. The news holds nothing but negativity. They're telling people that we are going to have to accept being smothered by masks indefinitely as the "new normal". Young people are losing their identity, their privileges because our dictators are quarantining and masking HEALTHY PEOPLE, something which has never been done before and they're doing it under the umbrella of "science". Look for a video of a man doing ACTUAL SCIENCE. He puts on popular mask types and then shows, using a vape pipe, that vapor goes through and around the masks. They're completely useless. Another man did ACTUAL SCIENCE by measuring oxygen in his blood wearing the muzzle. It fell WELL BELOW OSHA workplace rules. The packages many of these masks come in even state that they're not to be used for long term or medical purposes. And our kids are hearing that they will be enforcing this, probably for years to come. We all just rolled over and gave up because of pure fear. There will be many more suicides. Most will never be reported, just as missing children go unreported by the agenda-driven media. Land of the enslaved, home of the cowardly.


Please. I have lost someone to suocide and I would like to attend his memorial. He was a very important person. Now he's a martyr. God bless his family and his soul.


Prayers for the family and friends left behind. If you are feeling down and depressed, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-8255. The phones operate 24/7 and the call is free and confidential. Their website has lots of useful information to help all of us recognize and help those in need.


The unfortunate 'Permanent solution to a temporary problem'. I'm too much of a coward to do that. Regards to his family.


Suicide on the upswing? Wonder if we'll ever know why the poor guy chose to end his life. Sorry for his family.


My condolences to the family, such a heartbreak. This boy was a good friend of my son and will be missed.


I am so sad for this young Man and ultimately his Family..What happened Big Bend?

@the real JohnQPublic

Poor kid. God bless his soul.


Dang. 20 years old. That is sad, suicide is never the answer. Sorry kid. RIP


Nice response.

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