The number of coronavirus cases coming out of Chelan and Douglas counties combined on Tuesday is almost double of what it was on Monday.

Numbers reported by the Chelan-Douglas Health District are one day behind Grant County Health District’s COVID data.

The district tallied 42 cases total on Tuesday. 28 more infections were counted in Chelan County and 14 were recorded in Douglas County.

Grant County counted 26 new coronavirus cases on Wednesday. New COVID-19 patients reside in Moses Lake, Warden, Quincy, and Royal City.

Grant County remains among the counties with higher COVID-19 rates in eastern Washington.

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Do this news agency have the stats for Flu, cancer , heart disease deaths as well? Please we are tired of this scare tactics. We live in a world were we are all going to die and yes COVID is one of the ways but it isn't the only way.

Desert Dweller

It's a virus, it doesn't care what you think, what the government thinks, what the health department says.--- It's a virus, wash your nasty hands and cover your cough and sneeze, keep your dirty paws off your face.

Anybody know how to act during flu season?

Daves not here

Stop getting tested is the most ridiculous thing anyone is saying. If you get COVID19 testing doesn't cause it so why would you keep saying such ignorant things? It's a chance to get as many tested so you can get real numbers on how many people are infected by it, unless of course you can't deal with reality which sounds closer to the truth. And by the way this so called ,"just the flu!" Has killed more people than any other "Just the flu" in its short existence world wide, so put that in your pipe and smoke you non believers antimasker idiots!


I think you shouldn't have added the "just a flu" comments. They are factually incorrect, the Spanish flu was far more deadly. I'm also not convinced that "get as many tested so you can get real numbers" is the intent of testing. Which, faced with those facts it appears most of your comment (including the insults) are just opinions with no merit and that's being respectful about it.

Stfu deplorables

Were #1! Were #1! #herdmentality #herddeveloped

United States

Coronavirus Cases:




@the real JohnQPublic

Just like critical thinking skills, you're missing the apostrophe.

Stfu deplorables

Trump continues to lie Americans continue to die.



Ya... Stop getting tested. Jeez. Put your head in the sand instead its WAY more effective lol.

Oh yea don't forget the tin foil hat before you bury your head.


Holiday weekend gatherings are properly incubated now. This surge was rather predictable.

@the real JohnQPublic

People, stop going in for tests. You're only driving the numbers upward.

Sagacious Lu

Flying blind doesn't help...

@the real JohnQPublic

I agree. It's just funny that people believe everything they read.


Were funked!

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