EPHRATA - The city of Ephrata will soon choose who they want to lead its police force.

Ephrata City Manager Mike Warren says the municipality plans to make the decision by the end of next week.

In February, longtime City Manager Wes Crago left to serve in the same capacity at the city of Spokane. Mike Warren became the city’s permanent city manager and Police Captain Eric Koch was promoted to interim police chief.

Warren says Koch is one of the two permanent police chief finalists being considered by the city. Koch has been with Ephrata’s police department since 2004 and if he is chosen, his tenure as permanent police chief will begin immediately.

The other candidate is retired State Patrol Lieutenant Kurt Adkinson of Moses Lake. Adkinson oversaw the eastside detectives unit and traffic control during his time as a trooper. If Kurt is chosen, Warren says he wouldn’t begin until the early part of November.

“I like both of these candidates, I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision,” City Manager Mike Warren told iFIBER ONE News. 

Warren says the new chief will be chosen by a hiring panel which will be created by next Wednesday. The hiring panel consists of local citizens, council members, and a member of the Teamsters Police Union out of Yakima.

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May the fairest man win..The most humbled one.

say what?

It's too bad that they only can get two applicants and one of them all ready works there. Job pays very close to $100,000 a year with benefits. EPD reputation has went down in the law enforcement community.


I like that Cop Shop Patch. Sun, Wheat and Socialist Rural Electrification.

@the real JohnQPublic

Hire the guy that's been doing the job already. Not the early retirement cop.



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