Paris Kaye Allred


LEAVENWORTH - The last several days for a Paris Kaye Allred have gone from bad to good and then to better-than-imagined.

The former Leavenworth Cold Stone employee was fired last Saturday after an intense confrontation by a woman who claims that the creamery discriminated against her kids after they were asked to leave over improper facial protection.

Allred was the most vocal during the confrontation. Shortly after the spat occurred, Allred received a text from the owner telling her she was fired.

Two days later, iFIBER ONE News reported on what happened and followed up with Allred, prompting a national wave of public support.

Since then, Allred says she has been offered her job back at Cold Stone and has received several other job offers from businesses such as: McDonalds, Alps Candy Shop, Water From Wine Winery, Ambitions of Wenatchee, and Love Vacation Rentals.

Paris says she didn’t speak directly with the owner of Leavenworth Cold Stone, but she did chat with the manager of the creamery who directly welcomed her back per the request of the owner. Paris sent us a quote from the text exchange with that manager.

“he said to tell you he was too quick to listen to everyone else and let you go. And that he knows you win some and you lose some but he’d love to talk to you and have you back. I told him I fully support all you said and did and he’s on board with whatever you want to do.”

But Paris wasn’t quick to take her job back. She says she’s mulling over her options based on the jobs she’s been offered.

In addition to all that, the GoFundMe page that will benefit Paris has raised over $3,000 exceeding the initial fundraising goal of $2,000. She’s also received a free manicure and pedicure from Polish Hair and Nail Salon in Leavenworth. As an acknowledgment to treating employees well, the salon is also giving all the Cold Stone employees who were in the viral video a free haircut and pedicure.

In her exchange Facebook Messenger with iFIBER ONE News, Paris sincerely expressed her gratitude after all the support she’s received.

“I just want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the support that I have received during this challenging time. People have been so supportive and have reached out to offer me words of encouragement, job opportunities, and financial support. I can’t thank them enough!”

Michelle Logan, the woman mainly responsible for the confrontation still stands by her believe that her daughter was properly covered, though she was reportedly only using her shirt to cover her face. She released the following statement to King 5 Thursday evening.

“My daughter was wearing a face mask or face covering…the leftist have made it a hostile environment here in Leavenworth for conservatives.” Logan went onto say people who don’t wear masks are being made to feel like they’re “shooting people in the head.”

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Please remove this story..ugggh..I'm tired of looking at a ........

@the real JohnQPublic

Neither of these people were important until ice cream Karen decided to broadcast her offended state to the world.

Stop giving them an audience.

Desert Dweller

Somebody needs to clue the employer in, firing somebody by text?

For the love of Pete! You had the phone in your hand you should call and talk to the employee at the least!!!

I fired a lot of people over the years and all but 2 or 3 were face to face, those few others never came back to be talked to.


It is sad that, regardless of who you believe to be right or wrong, that this girl is getting rewarded for showing less than normal tact.. So someone escalates a conflict and instead of being a "kind" and "peacemaker" type of person, you retaliate and mouth off and get rewarded..

GREAT Lesson to teach a young person .. We should try that in high schools .. Teacher says something confrontational, student is not only allowed but encouraged to mouth off to the teacher and then we reward them for that behavior..

Whatcha guys think about that idea??


so you believe, that not following guidelines of an establishment, that establishment calls you out on it, and you decide to video tape and escalate the encounter, that employee should be fired...what is that teaching? that i'm offended and entitled not to me.....employees far too often have to deal with rude, name calling, angry, call corp type customers....i suggest you try retail for a bit....especially now.


The issue here isn't the mask guidelines. It's that the Brunette had the situation well in-hand, and Paris came out from behind the counter and further antagonized the woman who was making trouble. This made it more difficult for everyone in the store. Coupled with her "hourly wage" attitude and that smug mask-pull and wave, and it's clear that Paris wasn't "dealing with" the rude customer. She was loving the drama.


Cheb,by gum you and I can agree on something, you are completely correct on your assumptions of this incident!!!


She should be rewarded for putting up with that lady. The woman went there looking for a fight to fit her political agenda. Her Facebook page is filled with anti-mask politics, and even with her getting angry that her family had to quarantine after being exposed to a positive Covid case. 🤦‍♀️

We need to get past the outdated “the customer is always right” attitude. Sometimes it’s the customer that should be fired.


But what about the other workers who put up with the lady without throwing a hissy fit? Shouldn't they be rewarded too? Perhaps even more? She was the worst-behaved of the bunch, and the only one who was rewarded.


I believe when you apply for a job in retail you either have the natural skills or learn the skill of humility. Your job in retail and hospitality is to make people want to be in your facility and to come back.. All customers -- not only the "perfect" ones..

stinky stew

She could use the $$ for more liquid metals in her hide.


So now what is the Go Fund Me for if she has her job back? Shouldn't she refund that money?


How about all the school coaches that still got paid for spring sports. Should they return that money?




Right on

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