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EPHRATA- Nobody is home this week, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t important games to keep your eyes on.

Moses Lake (1-2) (2-4) @ West Valley (Yakima) (0-3) (1-5)

Last weeks’ results: Moses Lake (L) 20-13 / West Valley (L) 50-31

Moses Lake needs a win here and West Valley hasn’t made much noise this season. Moses Lake dropped its last two conference games to Wenatchee and Eisenhower after blowing out Davis in the conference opener. West Valley’s only win of the season came Week One against 3A opponent, Kamiakin.

Ephrata (2-1) (3-3) @ Selah (1-2) (4-2)

Last weeks’ results: Ephrata (W) 37-3 / Selah (W) 49-0

Ephrata takes a week off from league play to head down and take on Selah. Last season, when these two played, it turned into an exciting shootout. The outcome of this game ultimately has no bearing on the postseason. Selah has already lost its way out of the postseason and Ephrata has to wait and see how Othello does. 

Othello (2-1) (3-3) @ Ellensburg (2-0) (3-2)

Last weeks’ results: Othello (W) 24-12 / Ellensburg (W) 26-14

This is it. Othello needs to win this game to keep its postseason hopes alive. Ellensburg is pretty much locked into the post season, unless wild shenanigans take place over the last two weeks. If Othello wins then the season will likely end in a three-way tie which would lead to a play-in. If Othello losses, Ephrata and Ellensburg clinch.

Quincy (0-2) (2-3) @ East Valley (Yakima) (0-2) (2-4)

Last weeks’ results: Quincy (L) 37-2 / East Valley (L) 24-12

Similar to last season, Quincy has shined in non-league play but struggled to get wins inside of the division. Quincy is a better team than the two scores against Othello and Ephrata indicate, but now it’s time to put it together and win a conference game. East Valley started the season with a terrible blowout to a 1A school, but has slowly gotten better since then. Winner of this game will earn its first conference win.

Royal (3-0) (6-0) @ Kiona-Benton (2-1) (3-3)

Last weeks’ results: Royal (W) 42-0 / Kiona-Benton (W) 35-6

Royal obliterated Connell last week and Connell was the last regular season opponent that had a real shot at beating Royal. Kiona-Benton is the toughest opponent left on Royal’s schedule, but Royal is still a multiple-touchdown favorite.

Warden (2-1) (4-2) @ Connell (2-1) (3-2)

Warden has never beat Connell, ever. But if there was a year it would happen, this year is looking pretty hopeful. Connell isn’t as big and fast as they’ve been in the past, as Royal imposed its will on Connell’s offensive and defensive line all game last week. Connell is still the heavy favorite, but this game may be a lot more interesting than it has been in past years.

Wahluke (1-3) (3-3) @ College Place (1-3) (3-3)

Last weeks’ results: Wahluke (L) 15-7 / College Place (L) 52-0

It was surprising to see a team absolutely destroy Kiona-Benton one week then lose to River View the next. Hope isn’t completely lost for Wahluke yet, but it needs to win out. College Place may have the same record as Wahluke, but Wahluke has a higher ceiling.

Soap Lake (1-2) (3-2) @ Brewster (3-0) (4-2)

Last weeks’ results: Soap Lake (W) 34-8 / Brewster (L) 57-8

Soap Lake earned its first conference win of the season last week by beating Liberty Bell convincingly. This week looks like it could be a rough one, with Brewster next up on the schedule. Brewster dropped its first two games against teams in higher classes, but since then has blown out every 2B opponent its seen this season.

Almira-Coulee-Hartline (3-1) (5-1) @ Pateros (2-2) (3-2)

Last week’s results: ACH (L) 56-22 / Pateros (L) 56-6

Tough loss for ACH last week, dropping a game to its bitter rivals, Odessa. Pateros is an average team for the conference, so ACH is going to destroy them. 

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