River Dogs

(iFIBER One Sports / Adam Cichoski)

EPHRATA- The Columbia Basin River Dogs are gearing up for their second tournament of the season, which starts this Friday evening. The River Dogs will play their first two tournaments at home in Ephrata in the High Desert Classic II.

There will be nine teams in attendance. Both River Dogs teams, Eastside Dodgers, both Mt. Spokane teams, Othello Baseball, the Kennewick Outlaws, Lakeside Recovery and the Apple Valley Packers will all be playing in the round-robin tournament.

The River Dogs I team has five games, while the second team only has one, against the Mt. Spokane II team.

Two of the River Dogs best pitchers, Evan McLean and Vance Alvarado, won’t be at the tournament this weekend, opening the door for the other seven pitchers to get some practice against stiff competition.

The River Dogs schedule this weekend is as follows:


5:00 PM – River Dogs I vs Mt. Spokane I – Johnson O’Brien Stadium


10:00 AM – River Dogs I vs Lakeside Recovery – Johnson O’Brien

5:30 PM – Kennewick Outlaws vs River Dogs I – Johnson O’Brien


10:00 AM – River Dogs I v Apple Valley Packers – Johnson O’Brien

3:00 PM – Eastside Dodgers v River Dogs I – Johnson O’Brien

3:00 PM – Mt. Spokane II v River Dogs II – Boruff Field (JV Field)

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