MOSES LAKE - Two more COVID-19 cases have been confirmed in Moses Lake, bring the total cases in Grant County to 27.

So far, four positive cases have been reported in Moses Lake, according to the Grant County Health District.

Of the 27 confirmed cases, three patients are currently hospitalized. More than 160 tests results are pending, according to the health district.

Health district officials say test results are taking 3 to 10 days depending on which lab tests are submitted to.

“By the time the results are received at GCHD any person who did not follow the orders to stay home may have exposed several additional people to the virus,” health district officials stated. “We understand the public and providers are wanting more information given to them in a quick manner, but unfortunately, this is not always our experience either due to testing variables at labs and healthcare facilities.”

Officials say the positive results being reported now are a picture of what communities looked like 3 to 10 days ago. 

“It is important to know that this virus is in all our communities. It is with us where we shop, play, and work which is why it is crucial everyone stays home!” health district officials stated. “Only go out for essential needs like groceries or doctor visits. Even then, send as few people as possible. We need to stay home to stay healthy!”

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I read a news article that stated Colorado closed their retail pot shops.

Sagacious Lu

If you have long nerve pain, i.e. from Type I Diabetes after 25 years, marijuana brings relief. Hence the MJ stores stay open, in response to queries posed by others. MJ is a lot less dangerous than other treatments like neurontin.


This number will only grow because of profiteering 'dollar over death bosses'. These greedy butt holes will force their employees to work and spread the virus while they sit in their locked offices and count money. If employees get sick, your L&I tax dollars pay the bill. One must wonder how weed shops became essential?

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