MOSES LAKE - The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Quincy has increased to 25 as the Grant County-wide total is at 44 cases.

Three new cases were confirmed Friday in Quincy, as well as two new cases in Mattawa, according to the Grant County Health District.

Confirmed cases by city:

  • Coulee City: 0
  • Ephrata: 4
  • Grand Coulee: 0
  • Mattawa: 8
  • Moses Lake: 6
  • Quincy: 25
  • Royal City: 1
  • Soap Lake: 0
  • Warden: 0

Of the 44 confirmed cases in Grant County, four patients are currently hospitalized. Health district officials reported another 34 probable cases, with 165 test results pending.

Health District staff on Friday worked with the Moses Lake School District to identify and call close contacts of a Moses Lake High School staff member who tested positive for COVID-19.

“Our investigations of other cases are ongoing as well and we will be working through the weekend,” health district officials stated. “Please stay home and stay healthy this weekend.”

The state Department of Health reported about 500 new cases on Friday, bringing the state total to 3,723. At least 175 people have died.

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The game is not yet over plaza... Go Moses Lake High School!

stinky stew

odds are, its people working in the apple & pear warehouses on the western side of quincy- hundreds of people there, elbow to elbow on sorting table, break rooms, bathrooms.


I went to school in Quincy and this isn't a surprise at all. I am almost certain that most of the cases are residence in the city limits. Stay in your house, stop touching your face, wash your hands... There are a few good people in Quincy, but there are a ton of skin covered dog turds!


Soooooo, stay out of Quincy? Wth is going on in Quincy that makes them have 25 of the 44 reported cases of COVID19 in Grant County?


QUINCY 2020 Grant County Covid-19 Champions


Social Distancing plan is a failure. As long as essential business remain open, the disease will spread. Stupid corporate bosses that value 'dollars over death' will keep the virus alive and spreading.


The point is to slow the spread, not stop it. it can't be stopped, but slowing it to the extent that hospitals aren't overwhelmed is a possibility. From what I've se n, it's working.

just another john

i guess our lawmakers have never fished alone. Pretty Sad!!!


I'm super pumped the recent fishing closure has curtailed new cases.


Pure overreach of power! So one can go to the pot shop or Walmart and shop close to other potential carriers of the virus but I cannot fish off of a secluded embankment?


It's simply to say that they "did something" instead of standing around marinating their thumbs. Thoughts and prayers. Useless.

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