UFCW 21 members and supporters in a leaflet action outside Central Washington Hospital , July 18, 2018.

UFCW 21 members and supporters in a leaflet action outside Central Washington Hospital held July 18.

WENATCHEE — A contract struck Sept. 10 with Confluence Health grants about 240 technical staffers a 2 percent pay raise, after more than a year without a contract and multiple public campaigns by the employees' union.

Tom Geiger, communications director with United Food and Commercial Workers Local 21, said the contract also offers "regular and predictable wage increases and a bonus for both part time and full time workers," plus the potential for bonuses if the Wenatchee healthcare corporation reaches its corporate profitability goals over the next two years. The contract will expire after April 2020.

The contract also allows Confluence Health per diem workers to also be represented by UFCW in future negotiations, Geiger said. 

"While not all the issues raised in the negotiations were able to be addressed, we are positive about some of the results and look forward to working to address some of the outstanding issues in 18 months when we begin to negotiate a new contract," Geirger wrote in a press statement.

UFCW workers at Confluence include respiratory technicians, lab staff, pharmacy workers, surgical technicians and similar employees. Nurses there are represented separately by the Washington State Nurses Association. UFCW workers voted earlier this year to reject one contract proposal from Confluence, which they said did not feature sufficient wage increases to keep pace with inflation and housing costs.

While working with no contract, technical staff held informational pickets and leaflet actions, including a July demonstration with support from attendees at the Washington State Labor Council convention, held in Wenatchee at the same time.

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