WENATCHEE – Washington’s 8th District U.S. Representative Kim Schrier made a special visit to Lewis & Clark Elementary School in Wenatchee on Friday.

Congresswoman Schrier last visited the Valley back in late April when gave an address at Westside High. That same week, Lewis & Clark principal Alfonso Lopez was awarded with the distinction of Washington State Elementary Principal of the Year, and today the two met face-to-face after an invitation by Lopez to visit his school when Schrier phoned him to say congratulations.

The Congresswoman’s stop at Lewis & Clark lasted for over an hour and began with a brief sit down with Lopez and a couple of his students and staff to discuss the importance of the school’s bilingual curriculums.

“What a model,” exclaimed Schrier. “I mean, to have a bilingual school. That is such a gift to these students. So, it’s really a pleasure to come and see how the federal dollars we spend in Washington D.C. come and help kids here with the school lunches and enrichment programming and summer programs. So, I’m thrilled to be here.”

“It means a lot for out school especially,” said Lopez of the Congresswoman’s visit. “I’d like people like her to know that in schools we do a lot of things and we have different programs as well and in this school we teach in two languages and I wanted her to be aware of that part.”

“I’m so pleased to hear that these bilingual skills are used for her,” continued Lopez. “She speaks English and Spanish and that shows that speaking two languages is powerful.”

From there, Schrier had the chance to introduce herself to the students at Lewis & Clark by visiting several classrooms, including one where an all-Spanish-speaking course was in progress which allowed her to flex her own level of fluency in the second language.

The Congresswoman also got to see the school’s library and fielded plenty of student questions along the way, including during their lunchtime in the Lewis & Clark cafeteria.

“When they get good nutrition, they do well in school,” explained Schrier. “This is a sharp bunch of kids. They asked great questions today in the classroom and in the lunchroom. So, that tells me that what my priorities are there (in Congress) in making sure to it we don’t just feed kids, we really nourish them, will help them get a great start.”

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