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LIND - Energy Central reports that Clearway Energy Group has began construction on the Rattlesnake Flat wind farm near Lind in Adams County. The renewable energy plot is 160 megawatts. Blattner Energy is the lead contractor on the project. The project will consist of 57 turbines as well as a project substation, transmission line, and an operations and maintenance building. The project is expected to reach commercial operations later this year and will commence generation under a 20-year contract with Avista Utilities.

“Amid this global crisis, we're proud that partners like Blattner share our commitment to safety and health and have enabled us to navigate the challenging circumstances in a way that prioritizes the well-being of our people and communities,” Craig Cornelius, CEO of Clearway Energy Group told Energy Central. “As we deepen our roots in Washington and Adams County, we will continue seeking opportunities to offer any support to those hardest hit by this crisis.”

Recently, Clearway announced donations to local foods banks which included the Ritzville Food Pantry, the Washtucna Food Bank, the Ralston Grange Hall, and other locations.

“Blattner Energy is honored to continue to work with Clearway and provide a collaborative construction experience for them and the Adams County community,” Scott Blattner told Energy Central, President of Blattner Energy. “This project builds upon Blattner's leading experience in renewable energy construction and expertise of over 875 megawatts of wind energy in the state of Washington alone. Safety is a top priority at Blattner and we seek to never compromise it in all that we do, especially in today's environment. We take pride in the safety, quality and stewardship put forth on each project and are pleased to do so again with Clearway.”

Rattlesnake Flat is expected to create up to 250 jobs during construction and invest millions of dollars in eastern Washington.

“Adams County has and remains an agricultural community, but in order to grow our economy, we need to diversify,” said County Commissioner John Marshall. “Adams County is excited to host its first wind farm and continue its support of the renewable energy industry. After years of research, planning, and cooperation, Clearway is poised and ready to build the newest wind energy farm in Washington State.”

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Recycling turbines is really expensive and what the "green" energy folks are unwilling to admit is that the cost of the turbines is amortized over 25-30 years, the turbines themselves breakdown at between 9-10 years. And each one contains about 250 pounds of rare earth metals. That stuff currently comes from an open pit mine in China that's the size of Los Angeles. Not only are these idiots raping the earth and bird populations to "save it", but they are keeping us in thrall to the chinese for rare earth metals...


@Macleod.. Ok we have heard all your complaints.. What power generation would you like to rely on that is "perfect" ?? "Renewables" have their problems but right now they seem to be the lesser or evils..

You don't want more dams (not that there are any rivers we can dam more)

You don't want wind because it might hit a bird

You don't want solar because of the pollution they make creating and disposing of them

You don't want coal

You don't want drilling natural gas and the pollution it creates

You don't want nuclear waste from power plants

You don't want geothermal due to the costs

You don't want wave reclamation due to fish patterns

You don't want to pay little Chinese men to petal on millions of energy bicycles.

What do YOU want to support in the World growing appetite for electricity??


As needed we could certainly run the spillways sat a lot higher capacity than we do now. I drive those rivers fairly frequently, and we're nowhere near capacity. Capacity, sadly , is not determined by water supply, or electrical needs. These days, it's determined by salmon counts. But, of course, because it's the feds we're talking about, we're required to ignore the salmon captured by gill netting by "native fisherman', that are usually left to rot where they land. Numbers, BTW, that dwarf what are caught by licensed fisherman. As lonmg as we allow fish numbers to dictate power generation, we will, of course, fall behind.

Nuclear remains a strong option, with great technology for mini-reactors being developed as we speak. The issue of "waste" is the usual lefty red herring used to justify their "renewables" scam. There is, stacked about two drums high, in total, about a football fields worth of "waste", From all of our nuclear work. Actually, a slight bit less. It would have fit very well into Yucca mountain, a site that was prepped, ready, certified safe, and then closed off by the Obama administration. we can certainly burn more coal. We have lots of options that don't require taxpayer dollars, open pit mines, and lefty huckster-ism..


So you guys don't like wind energy?? You do realize that almost all the power companies on the west coast are running out of "excess" power to sell, don't you?? Solar is providing some reprieve during the afternoons but nothing for the extra 14 to 18 hours during the day.. So what are you going to do about it??

Grant County PUD says they will run out of this excess power in the next 5 to 10 year.. The option they are looking at to fill the gaps?? Purchasing power from Natural gas powered power plants and available solar energy on the wholesale market.

No matter if it is wind, natural gas, solar, or even coal -- We are projected to start using more energy than the power companies can provide (especially during peak usage times).. Avista power has said they will purchase this wind companies power they are able to provide -- Does it really matter if the power the wind turbines are producing is a little more expensive if you have run out of power to sell your customers??

Which of you customers are going to complain the power from a wind turbine is $.05 a KWH compared to $.04 from a water turbine when you can not longer purchase the $.04 power because they have sold it all to the citizens of Grant county?? Who is going to complain then?? Macleod?? are you going to protest at having to pay more for wind power or will you just sit in your powerless house in protest??

Desert Dweller

more nuclear


@DD.. Yes, because Nuclear waste disposal won't be subsidized by the Government for the next 500 years.. Wonder what cost you'd put on that power if you have to look after and guard the waste product for 500 years??

Desert Dweller

well recycling all the obsolete wind turbines and solar panels aint no peach either

stinky stew

well- if each one of these had a dc battery about the size of a basketball gym-- lol. oh, and a monster inverter--- green- like money? deep pockets ? These things are so rube goldburg - bet the guys have fun keeping over & under voltages in check-- my spendy stuff is filtered & regulated -- 115 vac + or - 2%. earthed - not grounded also.

Desert Dweller

Well somebody scored a government subsidy.

No private company would get involved without the subsidy money, you can't make it pencil out.


Oh, sure, we idiot taxpayers are footing the bill for all this nonsense....




More hideously expensive, completely unnecessary "green " energy, that is anything but "green". Preetty good for killing birds, though, but they keep that REAL quiet. Especially the bald eagle kills....We have the cheapest. most plentiful electricity in the country, but yet the PUD's are required to buy this unnecessary product as part of the "renewable" boondoggle...

Moses Holian

I hear this bird death stuff all the time. If it means more salmon by busting every dam on the mighty Columbia so be it. If you see a fresh kill of a Canada goose they won't let me blast, give me a call.


@Moses.. GREAT idea!! Take out all the dams, allow the lower Columbia to flood every 5 years or so destroying Billions of dollars worth of property, lowering the water level so low the Columbia is no longer feasible to navigate, increasing the need for more trains and trucks to transport products, increasing pollution and road disrepair, lowering the water level so low that it will increase the water temperature of the Columbia degrading fish habitat, ...

All for a fish -- A fish that the Chinese Fishing industry is decimating.. Yes tearing out the Dam is a GREAT idea ( <--- Sarcasm ) .. Kinda like cutting off your nose to spite your face !!


No worries. The eagles are approaching. "flock immunity."


'Flock immunity".. LOL! You win the internet today!

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