SOAP LAKE - Five McKay Healthcare residents have died from COVID-19, with four more virus-associated deaths pending death certificate review, according to the health district.

The confirmed deaths include three women — one in her 60s, on in her 80s and one in her 90s — and one man in his 80s. The fifth death was reported back on Nov. 10 and was a woman in her 80s. No other McKay residents are currently hospitalized.

Grant County is now up to 32 confirmed COVID-19 deaths, according to the health district.

McKay, located in Soap Lake, remains open to residents who have tested negative. The COVID-19 positive residents were sent to a facility in Pasco and will be returning later this month.

The health district also reportedly virus outbreaks at two care facilities in Moses Lake. Lake Ridge Center has had 49 residents and 12 staff members test positive, while Columbia Crest has 25 residents and 22 staff members with the virus. The residents are being cared for on-site.

The health district says they are able to link COVID-19 cases at two long-term care facilities, one in Ephrata and one in Moses Lake, to the recent large wedding in the Ritzville area.

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My sister in law is in a Long Term Care and no one except staff are allowed in. We can not visit. Staff also have strict rules to follow during their off hours. So how does covid get in the facility? Are the staff people breaking the rules during their off time or are the rules different for each facility?

@the real JohnQPublic

That's the one that Josh Meeks went to and then turned around and gave everyone covid.


Ah yes, the ever famous RITZville Covid wedding...

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