Summer wood

MOSES LAKE - Six people who live or work at the Summer Wood Alzheimer’s Special Care Center in Moses Lake have tested positive for COVID-19, according to the Grant County Health District on Monday.

One individual is hospitalized and no deaths have been reported in connection with the outbreak. Results of the remainder of the tests at the center are expected within the next few days.

The health district began investigating on Friday and throughout the weekend after one resident at the care center and one staff member tested positive after becoming symptomatic. All residents and most staff were tested over the weekend. The six that have tested positive are isolated at the facility or at home. Residents and staff who were possibly exposed and those with symptoms are quarantined at the facility or at home awaiting test results.

“We are deeply concerned for the residents of our senior care facilities,” stated Grant County Health Officer Dr. Alexander Brzezny. “As we open up our communities, we will see more people with COVID-19. The rapid growth of new cases during the last two weeks is particularly alarming. All of us, including healthcare workers and families serving those most at risk, need to be mindful of our personal activities which increase the risk of transmission. We should continue to place 6 feet between us, wear masks, and wash hands. We need to continue working as a community, just like we did at the beginning, to reduce the risk of severe illness from COVID-19 in our vulnerable residents.”

The health district is also investigating and testing an additional senior care facility where one staff member tested positive and are following up with a childcare facility where two children tested positive.

Grant County has seen 47 confirmed cases over the past two weeks, according to the health district.

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Sagacious Lu

May they recover from the illness. This isn't over, sad to say.


OH my gosh.. It's because the residents from Summerwood were outside walking around town without face masks isn't it??? AGHGHGHAGGHG

If ONLY they had stayed home and listened to Jay Inslee's order to stay home and stay healthy directive..

All jokes aside.. It's sad that as we age our bodies get weaker and are not able to heal as fast and are less effective at fighting off all diseases. Hopefully, we all make the most out of every day we are blessed with.

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