SPOKANE - If you know anyone living in the Spokane metro area, you may want to warn them about the dangerous winter storm they’re about to endure. “Dangerous” was the word used by the Spokane County Health District and the National Weather Service to describe the onslaught of snow and arrival of exceptionally cold temperatures predicted for the area early Friday through Monday.  In a joint press release, local officials from various agencies released the following statement:

“Spokane’s County’s relatively mild winter is turning dangerous and could pose a threat to people and pets’ health or even their lives.”

The press release issued on Thursday describes what residents can expect weather-wise through the weekend into next week:

  • 6-8" of Snow for Spokane Metro Friday morning through Saturday morning
  • 3-6" of Additional Snow for Spokane Metro Sunday
  • Turning Colder Monday with single-digit wind chills
  • Very cold Tuesday and Wednesday
    • Lows 5F to -5F.   Highs around 10 degrees.
    • Potential for Lows -10 to -20F with Highs around 0.
  • Thursday - Saturday - continued cold with snow.
    • Highs around 20 degrees.
    • Lows around 10 degrees.

"When the weather is extremely cold, and especially if there is blowing snow, try to stay indoors," said Dr. Bob Lutz, health officer for SRHD. “To avoid hypothermia and frostbite, make any trips outside as brief as possible, and remember that by preparing for winter emergencies, the risks of weather-related health problems can be reduced.”

Further east, less than an inch of snow is anticipated to fall in the greater Moses Lake area over the weekend with highs in the upper 30s and lower 40s and lows in the lower 30s and upper 20s. However, temps are expected to tumble with the forecast calling for highs in the teens and lows nearing 0 by the middle of next week. In the Wenatchee Valley, locals can expect the same temperature pattern but with more snow. An accumulation of three inches of snow is expected in the area.

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