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MOSES LAKE - Grant County Prosecutor Garth Dano, the subject of a 2014 political mailer that led to a former Grant County Judge to be fined $230,000 for violating state campaign finance laws, has issued a statement criticizing a response from Moberg’s attorney.

Moberg and Moses Lake business owner Ken Greene were both fined and according to a judgement entered last week, acknowledged they violated campaign finance laws several times when they sent the mailer in the election for Grant County prosecutor, and concealed they they were the source of the mailer, according to state Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

Lori W. Hurl, an attorney for Moberg, released a press release on his behalf.

“A lot of people have horror stories about loaning money to close friends, but few are like Jerry Moberg’s,” Hurl wrote. “In the fall of 2014, Jerry Moberg loaned his close friend of 35 years, Ken Greene, $4,000 so Mr. Greene could circulate a flyer designed to educate voters about a challenger (Dano) for the Grant County Prosecutor’s Office.”

Hurl continued, stating her client fully-cooperated with the Public Disclosure commission. In a statement to iFIBER ONE News, Dano says Hurl’s comments are “simply self-serving lawyer talk.”

“Had this matter gone to trial, given the findings and conclusions of Judge Skinder, I believe Mr. Moberg and Mr. Greene would have been ordered to pay substantially more than they agreed to in order to avoid trial,” Dano stated. “Justice sometimes moves very slowly, but the truth usually comes out.”

In a summary judgement, Dano pointed out that Judge John Skinder stated that Moberg and Greene had said under oath that only Greene had a role in paying for the Dano mailer, and “that Moberg, in particular, did not help pay for the mailer.”

“More than two months later, after the PDC had requested and obtained a copy of Greene’s bank statement, which showed that a $4,000 deposit had occurred on October 1, 2014, defendant’s then counsel revealed to the PDC that Moberg was in fact the source of the funds used to pay for the Dano mailer,” court records state. The court ruled Moberg violated campaign finance law by concealing his $4,000 contribution and role as “the source of payment” for the mailer.

Hurl also stated that, “While no one disputes that the flyer contained accurate and truthful information about (Dano), the Public Disclosure Commission investigated because the flyer failed to clearly identify that Mr. Greene produced it.”

“This statement is simply not true,” Dano stated. “The political flyer sent to the registered voters of Grant County, by my then friends, Ken Greene and Jerry Moberg, states in part, that I abandoned my financial responsibility to my children. That statement was a lie, and both Mr. Greene and Mr. Moberg knew this.”

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Picking on peoples spelling or grammar is low. They have the gusto to stand for something.


I clearly remember the mailer. Absolutely one of the cruelest political hate spewing documents I’ve ever read. Regardless of our political views no one has the right to spread such hateful verbiage. Mr Dano left a very successful law practice due to the problems he observed in the Prosecutors Office believing he could make a difference. Since being elected and re-elected Mr Dano has made a difference. Political differences doesn’t give anyone the right to author a hateful and desecrating “anonymous” mailer then try to hide their actions. We have laws to prevent such acts and the Judge ruled Mr Green and Mr Moberg stooped to a vile low In their actions. Their attempts to hide their hate failed and now their attorney wants to paint a picture of innocence for Mr Moberg and place all of the blame on Me Green. That’s shameful. Do you really think Moberg would have settled this case for a fine of $230,000 if that was the case. What Mr Moberg did doesn’t need to define him, what he does in righting his wrong will.


Judges have tenure, does not mean they are always honest There is an "old boys/girls club here. Old Attorneys. Credit agencies making a mint of peoples demise. People from other States moving in, will slowly upset these Dinosaurs.


and who is Mrs Moberg?

The Rural Realist

Shouldn't that be enough to disbar Moberg?




Hope so..

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