SOAP LAKE - A Soap Lake man is being held on $100,000 bail, accused of molesting a 12-year-old girl.

Samuel E. Allen, 32, is charged in Grant County Superior Court with first-degree child molestation. Allen was taken into custody Friday in connection to the investigation that began back in February.

Deputies initially responded to Samaritan Hospital on Feb. 17 after the victim reported Allen had touched her privates while she was staying with a friend at Allen’s home, according to court records.

The victim’s clothes she was wearing at the time of the alleged incident were collected and sent to the Washington State Crime Lab. During interviews with Allen, he denied ever touching the girl.

An analysis of the girl’s clothing at the crime lab reportedly showed trace amounts of DNA on the girl’s underwear, matching Allen’s DNA profile, according to court records. There was also a second set of DNA that did not match Allen.

Allen was arrested Friday at his home on Road B Northeast. Allen was made aware of the DNA evidence and stated “he had nothing to hide and if he knew how it happened he would tell (the deputy),” court records state. Allen also allegedly said he occasionally sleep walks but did not think he had done so for some time.

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I have known Sam and his family from birth, so we are talking 30 plus years. I do not believe he would do anything like this. How easy is it for a 12 year old to look up how to plant DNA evidence on google? I’m not saying this happened. If it was sperm DNA, then ya bad. What I’ve known of him, he would not do this. And again, I’ve known him since he was born.


You are brain dead. How would a 12 year old girl retrieve DNA and plan something like this? Hope Sam rots in prison like he deserves.


Very Sad and heartbreaking, He always seemed to be a good coach and was always very involved coaching youth girls soccer and softball. Seen him within the last week at Safeway selling raffle tickets with a group of young girls for an Extreme Softball team. Many of us know him well. So, lets remember to keep all parties in our prayers, most of all, the victim.

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