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COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. – After being voted into the 2019 Major League Baseball Hall of Fame last year, Seattle Mariners legend, Edgar Martinez was officially enshrined in the Hall of Fame and gave his speech on Sunday.

An emotional and grateful Martinez took the stage and was immediately greeted by his old “Edd-gar” chant the fans used to do when he was playing. Even many of the Yankees fans who were there to see Marino Rivera get inducted joined in. 

“I appreciate it,” Martinez said. “It felt pretty awesome to see the fans and hear the chant again.”

"When I was playing, you have to be so focused on going to hit in a situation, you hear it a little bit and then it’s gone, even if the chant is still going. Here I heard the chant and felt a little emotional. And then I said, ‘OK, you have to go to the task. You have to read (your speech).' But it was pretty awesome.”

During his speech he praised the other inductees, spoke to his home country of Puerto Rico in his first language of Spanish and thanked everyone who helped him on the way to his induction.

It took Martinez until his tenth and final ballot before he made the hall, but he was finally voted in with a 85.4 percent vote. Martinez was a humble star who was more concerned about playing well then making headlines, and he loved the northwest so much he not only spent the entirety of his 17-year MLB career there, he still lives in the Seattle area, in Kirkland.

Martinez joins a small list of designated hitters who have made the hall of fame. In 2014, Frank Thomas became the only player to spend most of his career as a DH to make the hall before Martinez made it this year.

Martinez was voted to seven all-star games, won five Silver Slugger awards, was the AL batting champion in 1992 and 1995, led the league in RBIs in 2000, won the Roberto Clemente award in 2004, and had the Outstanding Designated Hitter Award named after him following his retirement in 2004. To this day, only David Ortiz has won the award more than Martinez has.

Fan can see Martinez's plaque in the MLB Hall of Fame, located at 25 Main Street in Coopertown, New York.


(Milo Stewart Jr. / National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum)

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