Ephrata dog park

EPHRATA - The City of Ephrata is celebrating the grand opening of its new off-leash dog park on Wednesday, Aug. 7.

The short event and ribbon cutting starts at 6:45 p.m. at the new dog park, located at the Ephrata Sports Complex, next to the Splash Zone on A Street Southeast. The community, and their dogs, are invited.

Immediately following the opening, the city council is holding their scheduled meeting at the park to highlight the newest addition to the city’s parks.

The new dog park provides two separate fenced areas for dogs to run, play and interact, with amenities including picnic tables, a dog watering station, shade trees and two decommissioned fire hydrants.

Work on the park began in early 2018 with a citizens group bringing the idea forward. Several public meetings were held by the city council and city Park’s Commission. The total cost of the park was about $23,500, according to City Administrator Wes Crago.

Ephrata Parks Director Traci Bennett had built a similar park during her time in Yakima, just prior to moving to Ephrata.

“It was great to be able to use my experience in Yakima to build an improved park, at a lower cost, here in Ephrata,” Bennett stated. “I love working with people who are really into it, and are willing to volunteer. Our Public Works boys really showed their spirit and creativity, too.”

Local contractors completed the fencing work and installed signs, while volunteer time was provided by Public Works staff to complete the concrete, watering stations, hydrants and other finishing touches.

Rules for the dog park are posted, along with several dog waste collection stations and baggie dispensers. The short set of rules were developed from experiences of other off-leash dog parks in other communities, according to Crago.

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