SOAP LAKE - ‘It’s not over until it’s over,’ says one local man who’s paying for the pro-Trump billboard-turned-roadside attraction in Soap Lake.

Lorres Golbienko of Soap Lake had the political sign plastered on the billboard in September 2019. Golbienko’s original agreement with Emerald Outdoor Advertising spanned through November of 2020, but says recently provided additional payment to keep the sign up through the end of December.

“The sign isn’t going down until the election is certified, it’s not over yet,” Golbienko told iFIBER ONE News on Wednesday. The election certification deadline is Dec. 8. 

Golbienko’s sign was the subject of controversy when it was first erected and has been a draw for passing motorists. 

Golbienko isn’t sure whether he’ll continue to pay for the sign beyond December, but if he does, he says he’ll change it up with a new message; as far as what that message will be remains under consideration.  

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I’m so happy that Trump finally beat Hillary’s popular vote count! Congratulations!!!


Proverbs 25 It is the glory of gods to conceal a thing: but it's the honor of Kings is to search out a matter.....And I've searched out these matters to be fraud.

1. 9/11...A false story and a very wide group of fraudsters that covered up Trillions of Dollars missing and much more.

2. Obama... An Impostor and gay Muslim with a first tranny in the white house.

3. Fake school shootings and crises actors....Created for cause and effect to impose gun bans.

4. World wide central banking fraud......The failure of creating money out of thin air to pay all their thugs off.

5. The World Health Organization fraud.....Creates a Hoax virus so that people can be vaccinated and be digitally marked into the beast system

6. 2020 U.S. Elections........The biggest election fraud ever uncovered when the U.S. And the Venezuela government are busted buying the same voting machines that have programmable software to change the out come of the votes.

7. Fake news Media......Even the most elect are fooled by this network of false information that targets individuals and whistle blowers for telling the truth...like julian assange or Phil Schneider .


@The Revised Code of Washington... What? No rant about Jews? What about the round-earth conspiracy? Fake moon landing? And I REALLY can't believe you didn't mention the whole fake anthropogenic global warming scam.

Good job on your research to come up with 42.56.030 though.

Sagacious Lu

The QULT is strong in this one...

@the real JohnQPublic

TRUMP 2020! Why? Just to torment you!


Wow this POS just lost again in Georgia. To all of you clowns tha 2 times he lost in one state. haha[tongue][tongue] and he has lost twice in popular vote. Only person in history to do that twice.

DD crawl back into the hole you came out there in the desert. [smile]have a nice day

@the real JohnQPublic

Trump, Trump, Trump. MAGA and COVFEFE.

Have a nice day snowflakes.


---------------as an independent, I never voted for obama. After he got elected I never vandalized other peoples property, burned cars or burned buildings. Now 4 years after president Trump, I parked next to a car with a biden sticker on the window.------------Can someone tell me why I shouldnt have broken his window?

Seriously, Bob?

Trump is a POS.

@the real JohnQPublic

Wear your dang mask and be kind along the way.

Seriously, Bob?

If only I could pee that high.

@the real JohnQPublic

Wear your dang mask and be kind along the way.

Wash girl

The vote is legal. The majority have made their decision. If you believe otherwise, then Perhaps the The 2016 presidential election should be challenged?

Perhaps Trumpy , the whiner never actually won. Perhaps he has been illegally in the white House all these four long horrendous years of insanity. All you Trump supporters should take your drama QUEEN with you to move to another country where dictators rule and grow up . The Biden group has been very concerned about the people and issues that need resolved. There are huge concerns for unemployment, economy challenges, schools closing, hospitals overwhelmed, medical staff overwhelmed, and so much more ! All of you should be concentrating on that. And especially the goofy President of The United States! Instead he goes golfing, and continues his selfish tantrums by making decisions that affect the stability of our democracy, our nation. He has lost . We all have the right to vote. Women had to fight for it. Minority’s had to fight for it. You will not take that right away from me or any other American citizen!

You should all be ashamed of yourselves!



Leftist Simps

Funny, You actually voted for the socialist party and havent realized it yet (or maybe you all are marxist?). If the senate falls and Dementia Joe actually does become president, all you dumb asses who voted for the old senile bastard will regret your ignorance.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. Good luck with your freedoms and keeping your incomes from being taxed 60 and 70%.


If Joe Biden means Socialism (it doesn't), I'll take it a thousand times over vs the Fascist nationalism you seem to worship.


Joe Biden means (sock puppet) His (your party) have allowed marxist a seat at the table. Fascism, Nationalist? Those two words dont mean anything to me, I'm neither. They are what you're told to repeat. I'm for AMERICAN values and the constitution. If you voted for a man just because you didn't like the other and are not paying attention to policies, you're a perfect leftist sheep. Hope you dont care about guns cause that's what comes next. Disarming the public.

Sagacious Lu

Yep. These clowns live on cheap rural electricity from a socialist dam, post their stuff over a government-created Internet and think that expanding the socialist Medicare they receive is some new virulent form of socialism. Clueless.


Shit I dont care if they leave it up all year......Trump is a disgraceful, terrible human being. It should remind everyone that one term trump the chump was a whiny little bitch all the way to the end........keep it up and spend that money!


Dope Lake. BNSF trumptard


I would just leave it up to irritate the libtard snowflakes.

Angry old man

some people have more money than brains..smh


Cnnot wait till the sign comes down. According to voting tallies a majority of voters voted the child with the orange glow out.


@the real JohnQPublic

Did the orange bad man trigger you again? When will you realize you're in charge of your own life?

By the way, it's spelled loser. Also, doo doo

Desert Dweller

Patience is a virtue.

Let the process play out.


Hey Desert Dweller. Patience for what? The election is clearly over and Biden clearly won. Even with the surprise find of extra ballots in Georgia (weren't you complaining about the Rossi-Gregoire ballot-gate? Where's your tongue now?).

The process has played out. What we, Americans, are dealing with now is a corrupt administration trying to do exactly what they claim the Democrats are doing. Namely, steal the election. Your deep-state bullshit is right there in front of you, for the whole world to see.

Oh yeah,but those emails. SMH in disgust.

Desert Dweller

They certify elections, that hasn't been done yet.

Cheer your side all you want I'll wait to see the final analysis.

Sagacious Lu

Trump's naked attempt at overturning the election is just that. Anyone who questions it - like Tucker Carlson - is some sort of traitor. Only 100-percenter Qultists allowed in their exclusive Qlub.

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