MOSES LAKE- For the first time in what’s hoped to one day be a long-standing tradition, the Moses Lake Air Show took flight on Friday. Located at the Grant County International Airport just north of Big Bend Community College, spectators came from the surrounding area to watch trick plane pilots take to the sky.

There was plenty to do besides watch airplanes do neat tricks. There were lots of unique planes to check out and concessions for sale.

After the pilots landed, they spoke with viewers and handed out autographs. One of the pilots said the Grant County crowd was “a small one, but an active one”.

"It's a lot of fun, it's pretty challenging, but, you know, anything worth doing has some difficulty in it," member of Yellow Thunder, Drew Watson said. 

"If it wasn't difficult, it wouldn't be fun and it wouldn't be challenging," Dave Watson, his brother and second part of Yellow Thunder, added. 

"We have a lot of fun doing this," Drew said. "This is our hobby."

"One day one of my friends asked me to go skydiving and I went out and I fell in love skydiving and then I was around the airplanes all the time," pilot Vicky Benzing said. "I came back and told mom and dad that I had to learn to fly."

"I love inspiring young girls to go out and reach for their dreams and become what it is they wanna be and find their passions in life."

For those who love airplanes or just enjoy watching something they don’t get to see every day, the Moses Lake Air Show will continue this weekend. Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. before they soar out of town until next year.

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