MOSES LAKE - The first confirmed case of COVID-19 has been reported in Soap Lake as the total cases in Grant County has hit 50.

Including the first case in Soap Lake, five additional cases were reported, including two in Moses Lake and three in Quincy, according to the Grant County Health District.

Confirmed cases by city:

  • Coulee City: 0
  • Ephrata: 4
  • Grand Coulee: 0
  • Mattawa: 8
  • Moses Lake: 8
  • Quincy: 28
  • Royal City: 1
  • Soap Lake: 1
  • Warden: 0

Of the 50 confirmed cases in Grant County, five patients are currently hospitalized. An estimated 174 cases are pending test results.

“The people in Grant County that tested positive for coronavirus are just like anyone else. They’ve been to work, the grocery store, and places of worship,” health district officials stated. “They’ve visited friend’s and family’s homes and the doctor’s office. The virus is around us wherever we go. People may not know they have the virus which makes it important that everyone stay home, except for essential needs.”

Across the north central Washington, Adams County is reporting five cases, Chelan County 13 cases including one death and Douglas County has five cases.

As of Saturday, there are more than 4,300 confirmed cases statewide, resulting in at least 189 deaths.

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That's only about 1% of this state's total case load. Good thing, too, because healthcare in Grant County is subpar.

Sagacious Lu

They seem to be hiring a lot of "crisis actors" for this "Dem-Panic".

That's sarcasm, by the way.

Too bad Trump and his pals downplayed the severity of this in February...they could have avoided the Mardis Gras and Spring Break problems.


Yeah, the whole thing is Trump's fault. Many doctors came out and warned people not to congregate in large groups before Mardis Gras or Spring Break. A lot of people didn't listen to the health officials early on and that is all Trump's fault because he should have made you listen to the health officials! The low intelligence crowd is always looking for someone to blame.

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