CONNELL - In an earlier story, iFIBER ONE News reported conflicting information from Washington State Patrol regarding the number of vehicles involved in a crash on Highway 395 near the Franklin County border line in Adams County.

Per a press memo released early Thursday, there were three semis, one car and one pickup truck involved.

At about 8:07 p.m. on Wednesday, 44-year-old Stephan Meuchel of Longview was going north on Highway 395 when inattention caused his semi to drift off the roadway, prompting him to overcorrect, resulting in the semi sliding broadside.

75-year-old Terry Fullerton’s semi plowed through Meuchel’s trailer spilling contents all over the road.

A third semi driven by 58-year-old Terry Snider of Evans also collided Meuchel’s trailer.

19-year-old Jose Solis of Sunnyside was driving in a sedan that swerved to miss the wreck and was hit by a pickup truck driven by 65-year-old James Noyes of Billings, Montana who then struck Terry Fullerton’s trailer.

Stephan Meuchel’s semi eventually came to a rest on its top on the northbound right shoulder and the other vehicles came to rest in the northbound lanes.

Troopers say Meuchel was injured and was not wearing a seatbelt. Fullerton, Solis, Solis’s passenger and Noyes were all injured.

Meuchel was faulted for the crash and was charged with negligent driving in the 2nd degree.

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