Jesse "JD" Greening

Jesse "JD" Greening

WENATCHEE — A former NCW legislative candidate used false results from last April's Wenatchee Marathon in an attempt to enter the Boston Marathon, an investigative blogger determined Monday.

Jesse D. "JD" Greening, a 28-year-old Waterville Republican who ran unsuccessfully in the primary for 12th District state representative, entered his time from the event's half-marathon in Boston Marathon application materials, according to a report published by Marathon Investigation.

The report by blogger Derek Murphy found Greening did not run the full Wenatachee Marathon and instead listed his 2:43:23 time from the half marathon. A full marathon running time of 3:05:00 is required to qualify for the prestigious Boston footrace, held each spring.

The true winners of the Wenatchee event, held on the Apple Capital Recreation Loop Trail, posted times of 3:12:58 among male competitors and 3:35:44 among women racers. 

Initially listed among official entrants at Boston, Greening's name was removed from the entry list after Murphy's report, and Greening deleted a GoFundMe page where he'd sought to raise money for travel to Boston.

In a followup post on Wednesday, Murphy reported that Greening claimed to have accidentally cut the course and mistakenly believed he'd completed a full marathon loop. But a course volunteer told Murphy that on race day, Greening argued that he'd run the full 26 miles, and said it was clear he was trying to cheat.

"This guy just appeared out of thin air and ran across the finish," the volunteer told Murphy. "As soon as I could, I reported what happened to the race organizers."

Greening, a former Navy servicemember and former staffer for U.S. Rep. Dave Reichert, earned just 7 percent of the votes cast in the Aug. 7 primary election.

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