Coronavirus COVID-2019 test concept with blood test tubes, test form and other medical objects

EPHRATA- A fourth person has died from coronavirus in Adams County and dozens of new positive COVID-19 cases were reported in Grant, Chelan, and Douglas counties on Friday.

Health officials say the person who died of COVID-19 in Adams County was a 66-year-old woman. In addition, 10 new cases reported in Adams County on Friday. Also announced on Friday, health officials also reported 18 coronavirus cases that were recorded from an outbreak the Coventry House long-term care facility in Othello.

In Grant County, the local health district reported 25 more people who've been infected. Cases included residents of Ephrata, Mattawa, Moses Lake, Quincy, and Warden.

On July 30, health experts further west reported 38 new cases in Chelan County on Thursday and 30 additional cases that same day in Douglas County, bringing the two-county total to 68. 

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The Liberal commentary cockroach infestation prevalent here today. They swarm like hornets upon the command of their CCP masters attempting to populate commentary such as to be perceived as the prevailing opinion. Useful Idiots and future organ donors.


John Q is not one of the more competent people who response here.

The again maybe he is just a incompetent.

Daves not here

It's surprising that people believe that COVID19 is a government conspiracy but the numbers prove that it isn't so when people don't follow the rules of staying 6 feet apart, wear masks and wash your hands the numbers will continue to rise. It's a shame because people could help control the Virus and they don't, hopefully you will take it for real before you become the next victim of this dreaded disease!


There is no law which you have to ware a mask its better to breath fresh air so your ammunition system get use to it. As for the mask I think it became a fashion statement so stop being a germofobick.

Oh Really

Wow. That's some skewed thinking. A fashion statement? Guess my seatbelt in my car is a fashion statement too then.


Got to admit.. It's hard to argue stoopid!


John Q, that is possibly the dumbest thing I've read all day.

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