Larry Yockey and his daughter survey the field as farmers harvest his wheat

Photo: CNN

RITZVILLE - Still at the mercy of cancer, Larry Yockey, a Ritzville wheat farmer got some help from his friends when he realized he was physically unable to harvest his own 1,200-acre wheat field.

A story written by the Spokesman-Review reports that Yockey had spent 30 years of his life farming wheat, an occupation that requires some strength and brawn, but cancer had compromised that.

After news had spread that Yockey had been diagnosed with stage four melanoma, friend Brian Doyle and along with another comrade came to him with a plan to gather enough farmers to harvest all 1,200 acres in a single day. The plan came to fruition on July 28 when local farmers showed up to Yockey’s field with 18 combines and 20 grain trucks.The Spokesman Review writes that before the sun set, the near two-dozen grain trucks carried 74 for loads to a warehouse in Ritzville where grain is stored for export to Asia and Africa.

After the harvest, Yockey made the rounds to thank everyone that was involved.

Yockey is still undergoing cancer treatment in Spokane.

According to the article, Yockey hopes to climb onto to his combine and harvest his field as usual next fall.

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