beef theft

SOAP LAKE - A theft of frozen beef from the Del Red Pub in Soap Lake landed a man in jail early Wednesday morning.

The Grant County Sheriff’s Office was contacted after a Soap Lake area resident noticed a man, driving a pickup truck, dropping off boxes of frozen meat in an alleyway around 2 a.m. Wednesday in Lakeview, according to Soap Lake police.

While deputies were investigation, Soap Lake police were advised of a burglary at the Del Red Pub, with items missing to include frozen beef. Pub employees told police there was a disruptive man at the business around closing time.

Soap Lake police were able to identify the suspect as Austin Rogers, 26, based on information provided by witnesses. Chief Ryan Cox says Rogers is a suspect in a previous theft.

Law enforcement responded to Roger’s residence on state Route 28 west and Rogers reportedly denied being involved in the frozen beef theft and would not allow police to enter his apartment.

“Problem for Austin is that he shared his apartment with his mother,” Soap Lake police stated. “Subsequently, Austin’s mother was advised of the situation and in her natural motherly tone, wished to speak with her son in private.”

Rogers’ mother reportedly provided one of several packages of beef stolen from Del Red and Rogers was booked into Grant County Jail for second-degree burglary and possible additional charges. Police say Rogers also had stolen checks, believed to be related to a different burglary which is still under investigation.

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Good! This guy needs a nice long stay at the state's finest bed and breakfast!

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