Gavin Seim

EPHRATA – Gavin Seim appears to be enjoying his time in Mexico as his court hearing scheduled for Friday has come and gone.

The former congressional candidate posted a statement Friday on is Facebook page indicating he had no plans of making his Friday court date for charges of harassment and obstructing a law enforcement officer in connection to his August arrest in Ephrata.

Seim’s full statement:

"Today, Grant County Courts demanded I appear to have my rights violated. My answer is NO!

Courage is not compliance. Courage is telling conspirators against human rights, WE WILL NOT COMPLY! My motions are filed and the complete dismissal and return of my stolen property is the only response I recognize for these political charges. I choose the law over criminals who drag us into illegal courts to be molested.

I remove myself from the unconstitutional threats of the officers, prosecutors and judges in Grant County's criminal cartel. I refuse their persecution of my family and my community. As our forefathers rejected the false authority of officers who made secret deals and presided over kangaroo courts, I too walk away and I offer the dust of my feet to those whose silence is consent.

Let every persecuted soul know that you can do the same. We do not have to comply. To run towards, away from, or resist with honor those who abuse human rights is patriotism, courage and peace. Be of peace, resist with honor and may God judge between us.

This is my statement. — Gavin Seim"

Seim was taken into custody by Ephrata police as the officer had made a traffic stop on an uninvolved vehicle.

In a Facebook video posted by Seim, he claimed the officer was “harassing some woman in her pickup truck.”

Police say Seim, recording with his cellphone, walked around the stopped vehicle and began confronting the officer, who reportedly told Seim several times to return to his vehicle. Seim eventually returned to his vehicle and again started recording as the officer informed him he was under arrest.

Seim’s cellphone was seized as evidence but the device is password-protected and investigators have been unable to unlock the phone. The prosecutor’s office previously filed a motion requesting a judge require Seim to unlock the phone. Seim is defending himself in the case and was ordered to make arguments before heading to Mexico.

Grant County Prosecutor Garth Dano said the court issued an arrest warrant Friday. He said Seim appears to be living in an "alternate universe" and called Seim's actions "silly" and "very unfortunate."

Seim has filed motions to dismiss the case.

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Finally, Ephrata is now an official " Gavin Free Zone ". What a dummy. He looses his, or someone's, $2000.00 bail money, his phone and his freedom to come back to Washington legally. If he gets caught in Washington, I hope, when he arrested on the warrant, that his vehicle gets impounded too. The only sad thing about this is that if you watch the faces of his kids on his videos, they look at him with blank stairs. They don't seem happy. Think about it....if you were with your kids in Mexico, or where-ever, and you were out eating and filming your kids, they would have smiles and be talking. His kids just sit there with no expression at all. He lied to them about going south. He told them they were going on a road trip. He keeps asking for money on a Go Fund Me Account. Do you have to declare that income on your taxes? In his latest Facebook post he Slanders the Judge and asks for anyone to send him proof of the Judges illegal activities. We all need to contact Facebook and complain about this guy.


I understand we have a problem with police across the country we see it in the news all the time, but the answer isn't some dummy running around all hours of the night istagating and harassing police. His comments are out of line calling police officers BLUE ISIS, is it fair to the officers that go out there and protect and serve?? No it's not!! this is a baby pulling a temper tantrum, and how about his kids great parenting, but don't forget to donate for expenses at this is not what the constitution stands for.

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