Elaine Thompson, AP

OLYMPIA - Washington Gov. Jay Inslee did a ‘shout out’ to Ephrata during his State of the State Address on Tuesday.

Following his visit to Ephrata last summer, the governor made mention of Ephrata’s much needed water main line project. During his speech, the governor listed a few high-impact projects around that state that are relying on the passage of the capital budget and the water line project was one of them. The following is an excerpt from the governor’s speech: 

“It is absolutely crucial that we pass a capital budget as one of the first orders of business this session. This budget supports more than 19,000 construction jobs in every corner of the state. It would help us build more affordable housing and expand capacity in our mental health system. This funding is languishing at exactly the same time the need for these projects is exploding. In Yakima, students are waiting for renovations to alleviate overcrowding at East Valley High School. In Sequim, biologists are waiting for upgrades at the Dungeness Hatchery to improve fish passage. In Ephrata, the community is waiting for the replacement of an aging water line.”

The $3.2 million waterline project would be 100 percent funded by state capital funds. Funding would come from the state’s drinking water revolving fund.

The capital budget is expected to pass by the end of the 60-day legislative session which began Jan. 8.

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That's right let the Government pay for everything instead of keeping up with your own utilities , not that it would happen but what if they didn't get the budget resolved , then the water system that is presently failing would be e to be taken care of by the city as it should so the people don't have to worry about safe drinking water , has the city not learned from the problems back east having the Government pay your bills isn't the answer

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