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Grant County officials issued a public statement following a public outcry from immigration advocates earlier this month. Northwest Immigration Rights Project along with other advocacy groups, showed up to the Grant County Courthouse in Ephrata on April 1 to cry foul over the recent border patrol arrests of several illegal aliens who showed up to criminal court hearings that weren’t related to their illegal status. Supporters called the nature of the arrests "unethical" and believed it was a poaching-like technique. This video courtesy of Crosscut Media shows another man who was arrested outside of the Moses Lake Municipal Court around the time of his hearing. iFIBER ONE News attempted to question the groups who support the arrest victims and their families, but they could not be reached for comment.  

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Barry Queen

Thank you Grant Co. Illegal is Illegal, whats not fair?

Desert Dweller

Breaking the law and actually being penalized for it! Things are looking up.


A big thank you to Grant County!


If you immigration status is not in order then get back across the border! that should be a new slogan to help these folks understand that if you are here illegally you will be arrested and sent away. No one has a right to break our immigration laws and not face punishment for those actions!


Thank you Border Patrol officers for protecting the citizens of Grant County. Job well done.

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