MOSES LAKE- Tis the season for setting off fireworks across the nation, with the 4th of July coming up this Thursday. There are plenty of place to purchase fireworks across the county, but it’s important to know all the different rules each town has.

Moses Lake follows county rules for fireworks. This means that no fireworks can be discharged within city limits and no fireworks can be sold in city limits. Anything you can find at a Walmart can be discharge within city limits, but those fireworks are very subdued.

If you’re outside of city limits, you can set off anything you can find at a firework stand, including aerials. Fireworks you can’t find in stands such as firecrackers or bottle rockets are illegal no matter where you set them off.

Ephrata has stands inside city limits and fireworks can be discharged in town. However, you can only set off fountain fireworks in city limits, no aerials. Anything you can buy at the stands within city limits are legal to discharge in city limits.

Soap Lake has a new law to be aware of this year. The City Council voted and all types of fireworks are still allowed to be discharged within city limits but only at Smokiam Park. The town had a lot of fires happen last year inside city limits due to fireworks. This law has been added in an attempt to combat that.

The majority of the firework stands in the area are nonprofit, operated by food banks, churches and clubs. Several local agencies make the majority of their fund raising money through the firework stands this week. 

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It is now the 5th of July. Perhaps the city of Moses Lake and Grant County would pay to have someone come and clean up all of the aerial fireworks debris from my lawn and roof top. My yard is littered with large chunks of heavy cardboard and other bits of paper, etc, as is the street. All of this garbage will not go away on its own and will need to be picked up before running the lawn mower. It is time to limit the types of fireworks that are legal and the hours they can be used. At midnight last night I was unable to get to sleep due to the really loud fireworks in the neighborhood.

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