Another Grant County resident has succumbed to the effects of coronavirus. On Wednesday, the Grant County Health District reported its 18th coronavirus-caused death in 2020. Health officials say the casualty was a Mattawa resident in her 70s whose medical condition had put her at higher risk for severe complications of COVID-19. Also on Tuesday, the health district reported 14 new coronavirus cases; the infected live in Mattawa, Moses Lake, Royal City, rural Othello, and Warden. In Chelan County on Monday, 17 new cases of coronavirus were reported and five were tallied in Douglas County.

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Sagacious Lu

Again, compare Grant County - population 100K - with New Zealand, population 5 million.

Total cases1,802+1

Recovered 1,698

Deaths 25

Looks like a total failure by Trump on this one. I blame him for everything after that LIBERATE stupidity.

@the real JohnQPublic

That's bad news.


The term "gaslighting" —when someone pretends not to know something that both they and their target know is true — has been around in psychology for a long time and recently made the leap to politics, since it so perfectly describes the nature of Trump's obvious lies.

The King of the Stupid is a profoundly stupid man — so stupid that he appears to have actually believed it was a stroke of genius to suggest injecting household cleaners into people's lungs — but even he, as we now know for certain, was only pretending not to understand that the coronavirus is deadly and easily transmitted.

So stupid that he talked for hours with journalist Bob Woodward -- and let himself be recorded while he yapped.

New tapes released on Monday indicate that, even as Trump was publicly claiming that the virus "would soon be in full retreat" and encouraging protests against lockdown measures, he was privately admitting that "this thing is a killer" and that the virus "rips you apart" if "you're the wrong person."

Personally, I pity the suckers and losers almost as much as Trump America’s 200,000 coronavirus dead.


I agree. Gaslighting is evil. It is undercover and goes in for the kill.


History won't look kindly on the Trump era. I imagine all his current fanatical followers will slowly cease to exist, rewriting the history in their heads. Like how back in 2003, most of the US was convinced that Iraq had WMDs and needed an invasion, where as today, its hard to find anyone who will admit they supported that disaster.

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