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EPHRATA - A $58 million upgrade to Grant PUD’s electrical system that supplies power to the Royal City, Quincy and Ephrata areas is slated for mid-2020. Resiliency to power outages and gain capacity for new customers will be the byproduct of the two-year project. 

The following is a list of sub-projects slated to happen as part of the overall upgrade project:

-       A new "Red Rock" 115-kilovolt transmission line and rebuilt and expanded Red Rock Substation south of Royal City.

-       Rebuild of the Royal City Substation

-       A new breaker to protect the Frenchman Hills Substation from outage-caused damage.

-       A rebuild and expansion of the Burke Substation near George.

-       An additional transformer to the new Quincy Plains Substation in Quincy

-       Addition of a "230-kilovolt capacitor bank" to the large Mt. View substation in Quincy to help regulate voltage as load increases.

-       A new Baird Springs Substation in Quincy to serve data center customers.

-       A new South Ephrata Substation off Dodson Road with a "ring bus" installed across the road to increase reliability by allowing crews to isolate outages and keep power on to more customers.

"This is a huge project that could involve 75,000 man hours and hundreds of drawings," Grant PUD Project Manager Russ Seiler told commissioners.

Seiler said construction is expected to begin in May 2020 and be finished sometime during the summer of 2022.

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