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MOSES LAKE - More than 100 COVID-19 cases were confirmed on Friday in Grant County.

The 108 cases reported Friday include residents of Ephrata, Moses Lake, Quincy, rural Othello, Royal City, Soap Lake, Coulee City, Grand Coulee and Warden, according to the health district.

Of the now 4,402 confirmed cases, 15 patients are currently hospitalized and 3,347 cases are listed as recovered. Confirmed virus deaths in Grant County are up to 32, with six more pending death certificate review.

Confirmed cases by city (Demographic data may not add up to the number of total reported cases due to cases being under investigation):

  • Coulee City: 14
  • Ephrata: 371
  • Grand Coulee/Electric City: 17
  • Mattawa: 566
  • Moses Lake: 1,576
  • Rural Othello (within Grant County): 83
  • Quincy: 1,010
  • Royal City: 362
  • Soap Lake: 102
  • Warden: 253
  • Wilson Creek: 11

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Daves not here

Mask up, social distancing, and wash your hands, pretty simple but yet anti--maskers in Moses Lake still don't get it! This is worse than just any flu the numbers prove that and those that just believe Washington State is just trying to tell you how to live, Move to another State if you don't like the rules around here. Maybe go start your own State and call it Anti--maskers!

Oh Really

The anti-mask people don't realize that if they have a heart attack, stroke, car accident, food poisoning, etc. that they may not be able to get treatment if the hospitals are overwhelmed. They are actually "masking" their UNAmerican, UNpatriotic, selfcentered and selfish behavior as independence and personal rights. Go figure.

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