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MOSES LAKE - The Grant County Health District is reporting another 24 confirmed COVID-19 cases on Wednesday as the county has surpassed 1,200 confirmed cases during the pandemic.

Wednesday’s cases come from Mattawa, Moses Lake, Quincy and Royal City, according to the health district.

Of the 1,201 confirmed cases, nine patients are currently hospitalized and 582 previous cases are listed as recovered. As Wednesday, 10 COVID-19 deaths have been confirmed in Grant County and one other suspected COVID-19 death is pending death certificate review.

Confirmed cases by city (Demographic data may not add up to the number of total reported cases due to cases being under investigation):

  • Coulee City: 1 (Health district unable to confirm)
  • Ephrata: 94 
  • Grand Coulee/Electric City: 6
  • Mattawa: 278 (+5)
  • Moses Lake: 345 (+10)
  • Rural Othello (within Grant County): 16
  • Quincy: 279 (+7)
  • Royal City: 105 (+2)
  • Soap Lake: 26 
  • Warden: 50 
  • Wilson Creek: 1

As of Tuesday statewide, more than 54,200 cases have been confirmed and at least 1,548 people have died, according to the state Department of Health.

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Desert Dweller

6 months, 10 deaths, 9 in the hospital.

Be afraid, be very afraid. A large part of the population think it's going to kill them.

Your mask will not protect you unless you are wearing an N95 mask, are you able to keep your fingers off your face?

Oh dear! Oh My!

This virus is going to run it's course nearly everyone is going to get it just like the flu.



I notice that when you lose an argument you try to start a new one in another place.


There's a couple of them like that on here. It's kind of stunning the BS they keep trying to push. Like, this guy is mocking people who are getting sick and dying from what should be a preventable disease. Another one of his buddies on here was trying to promote the idea we all should just get sick and get it over with, which would mean the unnecessary and painful deaths of over 1 million Americans. Just so they can run around without a mask. Just insane.

Desert Dweller

I never lose an argument, You are just in denial.

Desert Dweller



Oh no...Fauci recommends goggles now...get ready King Inslee will be issuing eye protection orders now!


I’m not sure whether to be alarmed this number keeps rising or thrilled it’s as low as it is. Seems like just over 1% of Grant County residents have tested positive since testing began in Early March. How would that spread rate compare to influenza or even the common cold? I’m personally doing everything I can to avoid transmission and using all the CDC and health department recommendations in my business, but I feel powerless to affect these numbers outside my direct circle.


Hi GeeKnee here's a thing you can check out about communicability. It depends on many things -- population behavior, immunity within the population, etc.


Shut down the whole darn system and lay the teachers off. Might as well get ready for a generation of idiots as if we don't already have one.


Trump was elected as President, so I think we already have one.


Also Royal wants FULL day in the elementary school, I don’t believe that’s it’s because younger child don’t always catch covid. I believe it’s for Babysitting during harvest season.


Royal School Dist. Just had a vision conference today and they want to open school having children wear masks all day. Their concerns were safety for kids, and teachers nothing said about family. When there is one child that is either around someone with covid or test positive the school has to close to be deep cleaning. How much will this all cost? Maybe another school Levi? All most all the schools in the state are doing distant learning for the safety of all. Why is Royal opening other than spending money to test each child before entering making two extra bus trips to split classes. Royal needs to follow suit and close till all are vaccinated or this ends.


That's an easy question to answer.. WHEN your child comes home and test positive for the CoronaVirus (because we are all going to get it).. You will be able to sue not only the school district but the teacher for not properly guaranteeing your child's safety.. Because we all know now if we wear masks we will NEVER contract a Virus (it's sarcasm and totally FALSE) but now with the mentality spreading faster than this Virus we think we can control nature therefore making schools and businesses totally liable for not "doing enough" and thereby having the ability to prevent the spread of this disease..

So unless the republicans can push through a liability protection plan (which I doubt they can pass anything) schools are going to fully liable when your child becomes sick from now on..

It's really funny the predicament everyone put themselves in by having all this hysteria.. Instead of saying sorry it's an "act of God" that we cannot control.. The Government has said it is NOT an "act of God" but we can control this and it's spreading because of mismanagement and carelessness, therefore making someone liable.. Hilarious absolutely hilarious..


No one who is sane says that the mask is a guarantee to keep you from getting it, they say it reduces your probability.

It would also be very difficult to prove where a person contracted the virus and therefore difficult to place liability.


You'll never get the needle back in the track on that broken record. 💩


An act of God that we can't control, we are all going to get it. Even though better led nations have stopped it...

I'm beginning to think your opinions are bad.

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