KING COUNTY – The lone surviving member of the Old Profanity Territory (OPT) wolf pack has been spared by the stroke of a federal judge’s pen.

The ruling was made on Friday, only days after the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) announced it had already eliminated four of the pack’s five members in an effort to curtail their depredation of livestock.

The lawsuit was filed by a pair of Seattle residents with the backing of the animal rights group Center for a Humane Economy, which is based in Washington D.C.

The suit had initially sought a restraining order to prevent the lethal removal of wolves from the OPT pack, which was denied by the judge.

In Friday’s ruling, however, the same judge found that “due diligence on non-lethal methods” had not been properly explored by the state and ranchers who were impacted by the predations.

“Having to carry out lethal removals of wolves is a difficult situation and something the department takes very seriously,” said Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman Staci Lehman in an email to the Spokesman Review. “WDFW makes every effort to make a responsible decision after considering the available evidence. We appreciate the time the court put into reviewing this material and will work with the court throughout the process ahead.”

The suit contends the WDFW acted illegally and failed to properly follow the policies of the state’s Wolf Advisory Group by reauthorizing the order to lethally remove the OPT pack.

The OPT inhabits the same area as the Profanity Peak Pack, which the state killed seven members of in 2016.

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Time for the wolf activist, ranchers, and courts to be sensible. There’s an easy answer. One that has been used for many years to control species numbers. It’s called hunting season. Allow hunters to purchase tags (more tax income), with a limited amount of tags. This will push the wolves away from cattle areas (if the rancher open their lands up to the permit holder), but also keep a manageable number of wolves . The Wa Fish and Game department can control where and when these wolf tags will be harvested. It’s a no nonsense approach. This court crap shows our ignorance as the superior species.


I like that idea. I'd be killing those varmint cattle that don't belong on federal land.


Once again a rouge judge from King County knows whats best for all of Wa., blocking a predator from being removed, this time a wolf for political reasons only. King County is being destroyed by drugs and Illegal migrants/tent cities and there doing absolutely nothing about it. Fix your problems first before adding more stupid ideas to the populace.


These wolves are not native because they are a different sub species. Look up subspecies of wolves and look at all of the different kinds and sizes of wolves. The ones that are being put in Wa. are grey wolves which are the biggest and most aggressive of them all. They are known for attacking animals and leaving them wounded. Don't believe it look it up there are farmers that are finding animals that are missing their face and back end. Also think this is a good idea? Look at Montana and Idaho. They did the same thing and now they are having a hard time regulating their ungulate populations. In fact there is a bounty on wolves in Idaho. They are paying hunters for them to kill them. Also wdfw should be regulating the populations of all of our wildlife and it simply doesn't make sense to bring in other predators when the deer and elk are struggling with diseases.


Wolves help prevent diseases by taking out diseased animals. Diseases spread because human hunters prey only on the healthiest animals.


The wolves are alive and well. I have a white wolf inside me. We took their lands. Now some idiots want to kill them. I am Native, Brit, Welsh and Irish. Yay to The King County Judge, smart man. Stupid humans



it sounds to me like these two Seattle people, the DC-based organization, and some judge know what's best for the people that live with the wolves in this part of WA.


Are there people who live with the wolves? I thought it was just cows. You move a non-native species federal land it has been populated by this species for centuries, and you get upset when they kill off some of the non-native species?


These aren't native wolves. These wolves were reintroduced back in the late 1990 or early 2000's. The farmers and ranchers had done a great job eradicating these pests in the last 100 years and then the government brings the worthless creatures back. I hope the last wolf "disappears" before this judge can make his way to any other rulings.


Of course they aren't native. But they're a species that has occupied that area for centuries. Cattle aren't. These "pests" are part of a natural ecosystem. I'm also disappointed, but not surprised, at your lack of support for the American justice system.


Sounds like they did it anyway.

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