Adam Zuckerman

“The reality is, we’re never going to go back to normal.”

Those were the words spoken by Emerging Technology and Future of Work Strategist Adam Zuckerman during the Fiber Broadband Association’s Fiber for Breakfast video conference last month.

Zuckerman was also joined by another professional who serves in a similar capacity, JS Group CEO Janet Shijns. Both Zuckerman and Shijns predicted that it will become the new norm for companies to allow staff to work from home on a regular or permanent basis, even if they aren’t thrilled with the idea. Regardless, both experts say employers likely won’t have a choice for a long time.

In addition, Shijns and Zuckerman say many offices don’t have the resources in place to operate with lots of people safely. Shijns says traditional office buildings are not typically outfitted for social distancing measures and don’t have the ability to purchase temperature scanners.

“No one is in a rush to get back to work, especially if they have invested in an open floor plan that was meant to stimulate creativity, but just stimulates germs,” Shijns told the Fiber Broadband Association. “And a large portion of the workforce is at risk, or they’re caring for someone who is at risk. Corporate lawyers are very nervous about the risks they entail about bringing people back.”

Zuckerman says companies need to think about ow they’re going to accommodate employees working remotely. He added that those plans should involve determining what kind of technology would be needed to equip employees with, which includes security software and stronger internet service.

Zuckerman predicted that the future could force internet service providers and wholesale fiber providers to reassess how they operate. The Fiber Broadband Association says the developing state of the workplace could inspire companies to expand their fiber backbones to be closer to larger residential spaces, increase fiber constriction and would prompt ISPs to explore ways to improve the reliability of their residential services.

“This could be a precursor to something that is far worse with another pandemic,” Zuckerman told the Fiber Broadband Association. “So, companies need to start thinking about how they can put something into action that gives you long-term sustainability, not just something that works now.”

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stinky stew

My Internet goes out constantly. My landline phone buzzes, pops, crackles always. Grant county brags up the state of art fiber-actually optical infrastructure. When i moved h moved here 5 years ago, back of the house looked like Spock & Kirk must have lived here- boxes all over-holes in the metal siding-nasty mess it was. Its in the dump now. WHY? because the rocket fast fiber goes out to a FIFTY SEVEN YEAR OLD PHONE LINE IN THE ALLY. -COPPER. The rodents have chewed it up badly, not just the plastic, but the solid strand copper wires also. My internet connection is so slow its rare when i can watch you tube,-- It blows on my part of Ephrata-- I am not even gonna go into the arching, sissing, buzzing that CONSTANTLY covers 150 mhz all the way up to and BEYOND 400 mhz on the failing electric grid here--- gastly to say the least.


You must be in a different part of town.. I have never heard of the PUD's fiber optic cable going from a house only to tie back into the copper telephone lines..

If you are using PUD's fiber connection and your internet is that slow, I'd have some tests done. Sounds like to me that a mouse got into your house and chewed some cables inside your home.


Maybe Grant County PUD can actually order the "materials" that have been delayed for a year so the entire County can get Fiber so everyone can work from home, have school from home, day care from home, and order all our food from home .. Not to mention binge watch every single video on Youtube..



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