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SOAP LAKE - A Lakeview home is uninhabitable after burning in an early morning fire on Friday.

Grant County Fire District 7 Chief Kirk Sheppard says the report about the blaze at 262 Ephrata Avenue came in at 5 a.m. The fire was initially reported as a garage fire but when crews arrived, Sheppard says the flames were consuming the garage, some outbuildings and part of the house. Sheppard says flames charred the kitchen and another room in the house resulting in complete destruction of the home’s electric wiring making it uninhabitable.

Fire officials say the blaze started in the home’s garage. Several parties of people were living on the property at the time of the fire.

The home reportedly has a history with law enforcement and the fire department consistently responds to medical calls at the property.

Sheppard says people are living in the home, in the outbuildings and in a camper parked outside of the house.

The exact cause of the fire is still under investigation.

No one was hurt.

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Deadpool1710 if you know who did it you should let someone know and they didn't say it was electrical they said the electric was damaged so everyone had to leave.


Who r u 2 say who they are or who there not?

I mean we dont even know these people but because were americans we should atleast show some compasion or hold back our negativity


I literally know who did it no joke


That fire was started by a person not electrical I know who did it


Sounds like no great loss to me. Maybe the degenerates will move along now.

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