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LEAVENWORTH - A heated confrontation between a mother and a group of employees at Cold Stone Creamery in Leavenworth resulted in the firing of one of the servers on Saturday. That server is Paris Kaye Allred.

A viral video circulating on the internet records the conflict between Michelle Logan who was upset over the denial of service to her kids who were using what she says were make-shift masks to cover their faces. Kaye says Logan's kids were using their shirts to cover their faces. The employees at the store refused to serve the children because, according to company standards and state standards, it didn’t meet personal protective equipment requirement.

Of the three Cold Stone staffers in the video, Allred appeared to be the most vocal.

“Every person that did the same thing your kids did today should leave the store,” Allred tells Logan in the video.

Logan fires back and says, “you guys are discriminating against them, that is not what Governor Inslee said. He said a 'face covering' that you could use a scarf, you can use a ‘bando,’ you can use many different things as long as your face is covered.”  

Allred responded by saying, “if you have a problem with that then don’t come to the store.”

Logan then replies, “Oh we won’t and I’m from here and I will make sure that everyone in Leavenworth knows that you guys discriminated against kids coming in here to have ice cream.”

The final exchange of words between Logan and Allred ends with Allred saying, “we get paid by the hour, so go for it.”

Logan then approaches the counter and says, “these are the people, these are the people that discriminated against my children.” During that statement on video, Allred is shown waving and then pulls down her mask to smile.

Shortly after the spat, Allred says she received the following text message from the owner of the Leavenworth Cold Stone franchise who informs her that she’s been fired:


Courtesy of Paris Kaye 

“Yes, I could’ve handled the situation more professionally but I don’t think we should normalize the idea that “the customer is always right” even when they’re harassing employees. We had received so many customers refusing to comply with STORE POLICY and yelling at us for something we can’t control. The actual encounter lasted about 6 minutes and it consisted of Michelle Logan throwing a fit over ice cream after we asked her to leave for not wearing a mask herself. The video only shows a portion of what happened. She left the part out where she called us “fucking idiots.” After the video was posted, one of Karens friends threatened to ‘sock me in the face’ over her FB account and I was fired. Karen then called the store to confirm that I was fired and received a gift card,” wrote Kaye.

Since the clash, Allred says the creamery has received phone calls threatening employees and supporting them.

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I feel bad for Karen’s kids obviously they have zero role models in their life. This is what happens when you give out participation trophy’s entitled a**holes and she got a gift card out of it?!? What a shame...the owner should be ashamed of themselves for the actions they took. I will never again visit this establishment nor will I recommend it.



Trumpus Interruptus

Thank you, Jill. Shared on FB.


Michelle is a rude, entitled woman who needs to apologize for her behavior. Wearing a face covering is not pulling your shirt over your face. Teach your children better. Do you have them lick their hands when it's time to wash up? For the store to give her a gift card is a slap in the face for all the employees, especially for Kaye. Now for Kaye she didn't handle it perfectly, but she was fearless and stuck up for the stores requirement. The whole face mask thing is a huge joke, but it's what we need to do if we want to go places around others. They don't protect us, they are dirty and most people touch them and then touch everything else... so again useless at protecting us. It's very frustrating to watch someone touch their mask, only to handle a lid and place it on a cup, or take you credit card hand it back to you along with your order. I hope Kaye gets hired back or find a better job. Cold Stone management failed her.


It's just ice cream!! OMG, get a life lady!


Agreed, she should have accompanied her kids. If she used bad language, good lesson for her children. Both sides could have handled it better.


Why did the story call Michelle’Karen’? I get why everyone else did why would the writer?

‘After the video was posted, one of Karens friends threatened to ‘sock me in the face’ over her FB account and I was fired. Karen then called the store to confirm that I was fired and received a gift card,” wrote Kaye.’


Trumpus Interruptus

In case you haven't figured it out.



Because ifiber hopes they can be main stream media one day. Nothing has that air of bias quite like MSM.


It's part of a direct quote. Ifiber could have added Michelle's name in square brackets afterwards to clarify, but it's not necessary. Part of the problem is that there are quotes within quotes, and no indication of which are subordinate. The point is that Ifiber didn't call her "Karen." The Kayes called her "Karen."


The idea that the owner would fire his employee based solely on an edited video clip is incredible. He apparently flunked Management 101. He never sat down with the employee or her co-workers to hear their side of the story. And the idea that he rewarded the offending woman with a gift card for flagrantly flaunting the governor's mask order is beyond comprehension. What are this woman's kids learning from this example? That it's ok to break the rules to the point where people are fired for her idiocy and be rewarded for moronic behavior? It's a minor inconvenience to wear a mask and you may well be saving lives. Hopefully this idiot will not reproduce any further.


Paris should not have been fired. This woman was out of line. The mother was well aware that pulling your shirt up over your mouth is not a mask or appropriate face covering. She should have sent her kids out with an appropriate masks, bandanas, balaclavas etc. Period! She is the parent

.Also, I have a screen grab that I shared with this reporter of Michelle and her friends comments from her original FB post, in which she and her friends discuss getting together in groups of 20 without masks and going to places like Pybus Market and the Leavenworth Farmers Market, to see what happens and cause trouble. Not to mention the possibility of spreading the virus to innocent people since they seem to be the type that havent been wearing masks in public at all.

Oh..and a bonus..someone in her comments also said that the Post Office Saloon in Leavenworth isnt making people wear masks, which is just asinine..because they just outed a business they say they want to support. Classy!

I believe Michelle (Karen's) actions were out and out theatrics and it was 100% her intention to have her Karen moment. Well ,she had it and it is a ridiculous show of narcissism.

And shame on the owner of ColdStone for using Paris as a scapegoat for their lack of integrity and responsibility.

They have lost my business forever.


But do you acknowledge that Paris acted inappropriately? Do you think her snide comments were good for business?


Minimum wage workers are not paid enough to put up with Karens and their made up rules. Companies have the right to refuse service as long as it doesn't violate discrimination laws, I don't see you throwing a fit over “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” policies or claiming they're discriminatory.


It's not about the refusal of service. It's about her attitude. She pulled down her mask to make fun of a woman who was angry over the mask requirement. I've worked several minimum wage jobs and if I had behaved as Paris did, I would have expected to get fired. The worker on the other side of the counter was far more respectful, and even though she was the main instigator of the denial of service to the maskless kids, she still has her job. Paris really wasn't part of the dispute until she came around and inserted herself into it, and when she did, it escalated.




The owner was right to fire her. She got sarcastic with a customer. Zero respect for the customer. Zero tact. Zero class. Employees should always de-escalate the situation, not be sarcastic while telling kids they won’t be served. Obviously she has little life experience.


I think it's nuts that people think service workers should put up with that kind of belligerent customer. As someone else pointed put, the lady didn't show the part where she was cussing at those employees, and she does this on purpose to make a scene! So long as people tolerate that behavior, entitled jerks will keep acting like that. Don't reward bad behavior and don't disempower service workers who shouldn't have to deal with that nonsense!


That's not how the real world works anymore, people don't have to put up with disrespectful, entitled Karens. Employees are not paid enough nor are they trained to de-escalate a confrontation, customers are required to follow company policies or they will be refused service, simple as that. The Karen was rude to her so she was rude back, and anyone who's dealt with an entitled customer can empathize with the employee.


But Paris escalated the conflict while the other employee was doing a fine job of de-escalating it. I do sympathize, but this has always been a rite of passage for people entering the job market by working in minimum-wage jobs in the service industry (says this Boomer, who had several such rites of passage.)


Ya, she is a teenager...thus has little life experience. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. The customer though, on the other hand, can't use that as an excuse for her behavior....she appears to just suck at life.


Haven't you heard??? While I support the "mask initiative" because I believe it will help save life's, it is apparently a Government ploy to gain control over our rights by controlling us through fear. (not my words or idea) Some people are just way to paranoid. I hear smoking crack does that to people.


The employee was very rude and I'm glad she was fired.


I agree with kenny67456. Kaye was trying to protect herself and others by requiring proper masks. She should be rehired with a raise.


This failure is wholly on the owner.

The owner should have put a management system in place to handle customer disagreements. It is unreasonable to require standard run-of-the-mill employees to deal with difficult customers in highly confrontational situations. There should have been a shift manager available to step in and tactfully inform the customer of the requirements of entry into the business.

The employee, while lacking some maturity and tactfulness, is ultimately right- she was just an hourly employee that wasn't paid to put up with that garbage. That's why middle management exists.

If the owner wished to enforce an obviously unpopular policy in their business (their right to do so), then they should have been there to handle disagreements or paid someone to act on his/her behalf. All around handled very poorly.


"The owner should have put a management system in place to handle customer disagreements."

Yes, it's called "We reserve the right to refuse service." Comply with store policy or you will be asked to leave, simple as that. The employee was 100% in the right, her lack of maturity or tact became irrelevant the moment Karen decided to harass and incite a hate mob on the employee.


Well...I guess Miss Kaye learned a life lesson...Maybe she will find something better to do. Babysitter?


This owner should be absolutely ashamed of himself, throwing his own employees under the bus and not sticking up for the public safety of everyone. He goes and fires his employee during a world wide crisis and one of the worst economic times in American history. No one should support this type of self centered and spoiled behavior of this customer.


Completely agree! And he GAVE KAREN A GIFT CARD!!! WHAT!?!?


It was just one employee, and she said "We get paid by the hour, so go for it." I don't think I'd want to keep an employee with that kind of attitude. It sounds like the server who was treating Karen respectfully still has her job.


Yea cuz wageslaves should have to take mountains of shit from Karen's with a smile and ask for more.

Please, Michelle deserved it and significantly more.


Have you ever worked customer service? It doesn't sound like it. The brunette shows how it's done. The blonde...not so much.


Yea, I have, for the last ten years. Luckily we don't have to put up with entitled cunt's bullshit and get tell them to gtfo at will. it's great. Checking the boomer privilege one twat at a time.


That woman was not a Boomer. Probably an X-er. Do the math.

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