SOAP LAKE - Like most of the people it cares for, McKay Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center has a long history of supporting others, but it now needs your help. The Columbia Basin Foundation (CBF), an Ephrata-based community foundation, asks that you partner with them in raising the funds needed for a new handicap transportation bus for McKay Healthcare and Rehabilitation in Soap Lake. The bus will be used for medical appointments and activities. McKay Healthcare and Rehabilitation has been without a bus for the last two years and the cost to purchase one is $21,000. CBF Executive Director, Corinne Isaak, is no stranger to senior services and assisted living care. Her parents are both being cared for in assisted living in Spokane, and she has helped them navigate through this part of life.  

“During the last 13 years, my parents have had many medical issues, and I have been helping them through these difficult times. My father is end-stage renal failure and my mom has lost the ability to walk. My parents have been married for 65 years, so they understand ‘until death do us part.’  So, as their daughter, I have made it a priority to be available and advocate for them to be together and to have the best possible care,” Isaak told iFIBER ONE News.

 “A few weeks ago, when the McKay Foundation called to discuss the needs of McKay Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center and possibly opening a fund with CBF, I listened with a heart of understanding. As we have traveled this journey together, I have gained a great deal of knowledge about senior care and developed a heart of compassion for seniors. Clearly, I have held my parents’ hands during this process while relying on a community of healthcare professionals to address their medical issues. It truly takes a village! I could tell story after story of all that I have experienced and been through with my parents, but I think the main story to tell is that seniors need quality and loving care. Seniors need their family, friends and community to gather and love on them generously. I would like to call our community to action with compassionate hearts and consider partnering with McKay Foundation as they raise funds and awareness for the needs of their residents.”

The McKay Foundation is calling our communities to compassion for charitable giving for their seniors.

“We look forward to residents and our family boarding the bus this fall,” the McKay Foundation board stated during a meeting on Thursday.

Isaak says your donation to the McKay Special Projects Fund at CBF is the key to meeting needs for local seniors in the Columbia Basin and beyond. CBF is asking that you partner with them and send a donation to the Columbia Basin Foundation with McKay on the memo line for checks and online donations are also accepted on their website.

For more information about the Columbia Basin Foundation, visit their website: https://www.columbiabasinfoundation.org/

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