LEAVENWORTH - Shon Smith, owner of the Wok About Mongolian Grill, has put up one of his restaurants up for sale. Smith owns two restaurants with the same name with one in Wenatchee and the other one, which is now for sale in Leavenworth.

Our news partner News Radio 560 KPQ reports that Smith’s Leavenworth restaurant has a "For Sale" banner stretching across one side of the business. Smith told KPQ that he made a choice that if the Wok About Grill wasn’t allowed to open soon, someone with the finances may be able to purchase it at a discounted rate. Smith says, “after seeing what the governor has done to the state and small businesses, especially restaurants for dine-in, and seeing what Mayor Carl Florea is doing with Leavenworth, it was a very easy decision for us because we’re looking for more business-friendly environments.”

Smith made it clear that his Wenatchee restaurant is not for sale.

KPQ reports that the Leavenworth restaurant may still have the name of Wok About Grill depending on the terms of any potential agreement.

In March, Smith made headlines after being one of the first business owners that publically announced that he “would not comply” with the state’s shutdown order. Smith facing backlash, Smith reversed course on his decision.

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Most likely he just objects to being put out of business, by a half-wit governor making nonsensical rules for the poor ignorant common people of Washington state who are obviously too stupid to take any care for their own safety.

Thank You Jay for thinking fore us. where would we be with out your superior brain :(

Sagacious Lu

Does he object to the tyrannical government demanding his employees wash their hands or that he store food properly? I hope he doesn't have one of those "no shoes, no shirts, no service" signs on his place.

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