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WENATCHEE - Longtime restaurateur Shon Smith made it abundantly clear that his Wenatchee and Leavenworth eateries will remain open after a state-issued mandate ordering all restaurants and bars to close out of precaution to further mitigate the spread of coronavirus.

On Sunday, Gov. Jay Insee issued an order to close all bars, restaurants and recreational facilities for the foreseeable future or at least until the spread of the coronavirus subsides.

Smith owns the Wok About Mongolian Grill, one of the Wenatchee Valley's more popular eating establishments.

In a Facebook post on Sunday night, Smith wrote the following:  

I will not comply. Families are at risk. Help will not come fast enough to keep the wolves at bay. Business as usual. Come join us if you feel well, call ahead if you are of compromised health, we'll meet you on the curb.

Shon Smith

Jay Inslee, my address is 110 North Wenatchee Avenue.

A couple of other local restaurant owners expressed concern over the state mandate to shutter all eateries.

The state did not disclose any details about ramifications associated with failure to comply with Inslee's order. 

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Seriously, Bob?

hmmm... censored. Call Shon Smith and let him know what he is doing is wrong.

Seriously, Bob?

Should anyone like to speak with Mr. Smith you are welcome to contact him at his place of business to ask about his dimwitted take on things

509-662-1154. Or if you see that this issue is important enough to address immediately I encourage you to contact him directly at 509-782-1181.

He needs to hear from those who have their heads on straight and care about more than their bravado and themselves. Call him now.

stinky stew

There is no cure for stupid.

Sagacious Lu

Now known as Typhoid Shon.


I will stay home, I dont even like th 24hr flu. I also don't like to share my virus' with others as is the normal with all those around me. But, I also wash my hands after using the restroom unlike most others that I hear flush and walk out.

I don't think that Big Daddy Trump-et or Big Daddy Ins-nake-lee should be enforcing. People need to make a living (hopefully not no cash in on it but we will all reap what we sow).

I guess if a restaurant owner "feels" like keeping his business open it should be respected. Just like others "feel" they are a man or a woman (when SCIENCE proves they are not what they "feel" they are). People are "feeling" there is no need to be concerned. Opinions and feelings are not facts. And time will tell.

Desert Dweller

Remember The Swine Flu, 60 Million Americans Infected, 300,000 Hospitalized * 2009 - 2010?

How will we ever survive? Follow the hygiene suggestions, for the love of pete, be careful, think about what you are doing and we will be fine.


Great. Shut down schools, limit social gatherings, close bars, restaurants, ect over a virus that's caused under 50 deaths, that has caused less than 1% mortality of those confirmed to have it...yet did nothing when there was 245 deaths in Washington state alone during the 2018-2019 FLU season, according to the WA Dept of Health's own statistics. Let's just scare the uniformed masses, ruin the economy, for political purposes. Hey truckers, tourists, and travelers...EAT before you enter WA state, you cant while you are here!!!


Stay open and follow your beliefs. I can appreciate a business owner trying to provide for his employees, rather than tossing them out on the street to be out of work while Inslee tries to outstupid California.

None of you people have to eat there if you don't want to. Please don't. I'm going to eat there to support the dude. I may even eat there twice.


Irresponsible to stay open. We should all do our part, this isn't a joke. I can see this part of the state will see the numbers go up for infections because of the abundance of ignorance that is normal for central Washington.

Seriously, Bob?

Typical Republican responses for the most part here. "I don't care about anyone else but me, me, me." Shon Smith, you selfish. misguided human being. Do those who support his idiotic decision think this whole thing is a Hoax, like your president? Or can you set aside your so-called patriotism for real Patriotism and do something for the good of all instead of yourselves.

joe mama

our pillock of a governor needs to stop destroying our state. first he closes all schools for a mandatory 6 weeks and is now trying to force restaurants to close. this guy needs to be stopped

Desert Dweller

Well if people aren't smart enough to follow the directions for acting safely during this "viral epidemic" I suppose shutting down the economy is your next best option.

I'm thinking some education, logic, and common sense would take us a lot further.

Love them Politicians-----NOT


I have never been to that restaurant and I don't ever plan on going now! That store owner is simply asinine!


Reading the comments on here give me hope that social security will now last until I retire.




Eastern WA during WWII: "No! I don't believe in air raids and gas rationing!! I'm keeping my lights on and driving EVERYWHERE just for fun."

You're probably the numbskulls who were speeding through ash-covered neighborhoods during My. St. Helens. No sense of community responsibility. Some of the most selfish people I've ever encountered. Karma is a female dog, people. Let's see what happens when the virus hits your neighborhood.


Good for you. I'll be in your fine establishment in Leavenworth.


For ramifications against a tyrant state, see the second amendment.


Did I miss the part where we became a communist country? I’m pretty sure a private business gets to set its own “hours of operation”!


Good for him. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!


Inslee is a snake.

Come and take it.

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