Shree Saini

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MOSES LAKE - Widely-recognized by her association with her parents’ fuel station chain along I-90, Shree Saini wants to make a name for herself as Miss World America and Miss World.

The Moses Lake native now living in Seattle earned her role as a representative of Washington state in the Miss World America competition taking place this week.

However, her advancement in pageantry hasn’t come without its struggles, especially after a health issue that took her out of the running at last year’s Miss World America competition. At the 2019 contest, Saini was conquering one Challenge Event after another after winning the People’s Choice, Beauty with a Purpose, Top Influencers Award, and Entrepreneur Challenge events. Saini was also a runner-up in Talent and Top Model Challenge events.  Shree had won half of the eight challenge events and was runner-up in two, but fate dealt a devastating blow when she collapsed backstage.

“Last year, I could not even finish competing for Miss World America. Right after I proudly introduced myself on stage as “#ShreeSaini, WASHINGTON”, I came backstage to change into my evening gown when I collapsed and was rushed to the ER. I was heartbroken. It was a rare incident. My whole family was shaken. There are many incidents in our lives that we cannot control, but we can control our responses. With rock solid faith in God and His timing, I am traveling to my life’s journey once again,” Shree told iFIBER ONE News.

Due to a heart block at a young age, Shree underwent heart surgery at age 12 and received a pacemaker. Undeterred by the incident, Shree appears poised to take home the Miss World America crown.

This year’s event will be held in the form of a series of virtual web casts in combination with online submissions due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the pageant website, all contestants will participate in real-time preliminary competitions, receive camera time in front of a live audience and judges.

The winner of this year’s competition will be announced at noon on Friday, Oct. 16 at www.missworldamerica.com.

The winner of Miss World America will advance to the Miss World competition.

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