Becca's Burger 

EPHRATA - Monday’s opening of Becca’s Restaurant & Bakery literally brings ‘more to the table’ in terms of a sit-down breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the sleepy town of 8,200.

The eatery is owned by Becca and Kyle Nash of Soap Lake.

The diner is located at 33 Basin Street SW in the space formerly occupied by NS Italian Fresh.

“This has always been my dream,” Becca told iFIBER ONE News. “All the items on the menu are dishes that have been in the family for a long time.”

Becca’s serves breakfast, burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads, and dinner entrees. Becca’s is open for dine-in or takeout.

Here's the menu: 


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Leftist Simps, Are you trying to say she's the only one who has things on her menu that could compare to other eateries? So you know, her burgers are not pre-made. She is making her own. Her soups are not out of a can. That she also makes herself. If all you can do is be negative don't say anything. She is a hard worker and trying to follow her dream. Can you say the same for yourself?


Best of luck folks! That's a great looking burger...


I wish her success but looking at her menu I am not sure if her price point is going to be well supported in a small city like Ephrata. $15 dollars a plate limits her clientele. Good Luck though..


Price point is too high?? The most expensive item on this menu is $14.29 and the average price for a plate is $10.28 and that's not including kids menu or soups, the two least expensive items. You could walk in and buy literally EVERYTHING on this menu for less than $280. This is a very underpriced menu even for an Ephrata native.

I hope this comment was trolling, in which case. You got me, well played.

More importantly, yay for another place to have breakfast besides the country deli!!!


I am very proud of Becca! She had a dream and never gave up on it. We had lunch there today. The food was GREAT! She's one of the best.

Leftist Simps

Absolutely nothing new on this menu accept the name of the copied items. Why dont they just say they have picked items off other menu's that have been our favorites.


Leftist simps.. Where is your restaurant at that you have opened with your own menu?? Don't be mad at a local business that is doing something that you are unable to go dry your tears in front of your daddy Jay Inslee

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