MOSES LAKE - A man was sentenced to a year in jail in connection to his role in an armed robbery of a Moses Lake convenience store.

Uriel Sanchez Serrano, 18, entered an In Re Barr plea to felony criminal mischief while armed. An In Re Barr plea means Sanchez Serrano doesn’t admit to committing the crime, but wanted to take advantage of the plea agreement offered to him.

Prosecutors initially charged Sanchez Serrano with first-degree robbery but the charge was lessened as part of a plea agreement.

Sanchez Serrano was among four people arrested in connection to an Oct. 27 robbery at the Airport Grocery Mart on Patton Boulevard. The three other suspects are juveniles, ages 16 and 17, according to Moses Lake police.

During the robbery, two juvenile suspects entered the store, armed with butcher knives, and take an undisclosed amount of cash from the till. Sanchez Serrano and a second juvenile acted as lookouts, according to Moses Lake police.

All four suspects were identified on surveillance video. Three suspects, including Sanchez Serrano, were located Oct. 31 reportedly breaking into a car in the Larson Housing community. Police say the suspects were wearing clothing that matched the clothing that the suspects were wearing during the armed robbery.

The fourth juvenile suspect was arrested the next morning. One juvenile suspect reportedly admitted he and the three others were involved in the armed robbery as well as a theft from the same store on Oct. 29. Details on the juveniles’ court cases are not available. All three were arrested for first-degree robbery.

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Desert Dweller

Is it just me or does 1 year seem pretty light for an armed robbery?


In Re Barr plea is usually used to mitigate the immigration consequences of a guilty plea. Interesting defense strategy.

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