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An update on the man who reportedly stopped in Moses Lake after triggering an Amber Alert on Tuesday.

iFIBER ONE News has learned more on why Nicholas Antoine was rearrested in Ellensburg Wednesday after prompting the alert Tuesday afternoon. Seattle Police told KOMO news that Nicholas Antoine was recaptured because he threatened to kill his mother, sister and a roommate.

Nicholas Antoine and his wife were let go at the end of an Amber Alert incident in Cheney Tuesday night. Authorities were looking for Antoine’s four children after they failed to turn them over to Child Protective Services Tuesday.

Seattle Police say Antoine had been withholding needed medication from his kids and had reportedly made threats of physical harm in the past. Detectives say the mother had mental and substance abuse issues and there were significant domestic violence between the parents. 

Police caught up with the family after they were spotted driving their RV eastward near Cheney and were forced to turn their kids over to authorities.

After the ordeal, Antoine had allegedly spent hours on the phone that night berating and threatening his mom, sister and roommate back at their West Seattle home, upset over the Amber Alert incident.

KOMO reports that Antoine had allegedly told his roommate that she, her husband and his family were “all going to do down.” The roommate’s family had a valid court protection order preventing him from contacting them. Seattle Police Officer Jason Pitts wrote in his police report:  

"He said if they ever put his children in danger again or if they contacted him, he would kill them.” ”I spoke with him and he started cursing me and calling me names." 

After Antoine’s arrest and release in Cheney, he dropped his wife off in Moses Lake. Sometime prior to Antoine traveling through Ellensburg, State Troopers were dispatched to find Antoine after reports of the threatening phone calls. Antoine’s RV was spotted in the Ellensburg area around 9:30 a.m. on Wednesday but Troopers were unable to find it. However, Troopers were able to find Antoine in the North Bend area on I-90 where he was arrested and was eventually booked into the King County Jail. 

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This due has some major mental health issues.

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